Wix vs WordPress Pros and Cons: Which one is the best?

By Roxanne Reyes


If you’re struggling with choosing the best option to build your website you’re not alone.  The battle begins with two options that’s Wix vs WordPress. Wix is a do it yourself builder that makes building websites a breeze with a drag and drop experience, while WordPress is popular option that has many cool themes suitable for a blogger or business.

Have you ever built a website yourself with Wix or WordPress? If the answer is yes, then I’m going to tell you the pros and cons of using both and which one I prefer using.

You may think I’m bias in this article, but I promise I’ve experienced both platforms as well as building a custom design myself with code.

Also, stick around for more information while I compare them on how well it’s used for blogging, search engine optimization and building a custom website.

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

  1. My Story as a Designer

  2. The Pros of Using Wix

  3. The Cons of Using Wix

  4. Why use WordPress?

  5. What are some Pros of Using WordPress

  6. What are the cons using WordPress

  7. Wix vs. WordPress for blogging 

  8. Who is the winner for blogging?

  9. Wix vs. WordPress for SEO

  10. Who is the wins for SEO?

  11. Wix vs. WordPress vs. Custom

  12. Wix vs. WordPress Pricing

  13. 🎥Video testimonials and reviews of Wix and WordPress

  14. The Ultimate Overall Winner



My Story as a Web Designer: Wix vs WordPress vs Custom



web design and front end web developer
I love to design beautiful things for people.

I have 7 years of experience as a Web Developer and a Digital Strategist.  I currently am the Founder of Wae Tech Solutions, which is a Web Development company in Buffalo, NY. I’m very passionate about technology and focused on delivering targeted content for clients. Therefore, I am a solo entrepreneur that help businesses in the health care and technology industries to get online, increase their website ROI and increase brand awareness by improving their content marketing.

When I started fiddling with coding my own website, I was instantly hooked.  I would actually stay in the room for hours just learning how to program websites and small programs as a hobby.

Now here I am still doing what I love.

As an experienced programmer that learned HTML, CSS and Javascript, I’ve certainly learned all platforms. For instance, I have knowledge and experience in building custom websites from scratch, Wix, and WordPress.


What are the Pros of using Wix?

wix vs. Custom web design

I believe the pros of Wix are the easy to use drag and drop alternative of building a website for novices. It’s marketed towards the less savvy crowd of people who wants to get up and running fast without the trouble of programming it yourself.  Just doing some research I’ve discovered more details and information about Wix and why they’re widely known.

Lets take a look at some the pros.


Pro Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop
  • Choose over 500 templates
  • Total design freedom
  • Industry leader in SEO
  • Mobile optimized
  • Choice of many web apps in the app market
  • Advance design features using video, animation and background effects
  • Choose over 100 fonts
  • Scroll effects, such as Parallax scrolling – just fancy animations
  • Media galleries to display images, video etc.
  • Plan options


There’s certainly a tremendous amount of features with Wix and it sells you with a “do it yourself design and what you want” mentality.

I agree that Wix has amazing templates catering to everyone, but you can see the differences right away when someone builds it themselves.

The barrier to entry is really easy to get started and they instantly hook you with a low offer to create a website. It’s nice when you’re on a budget and can’t afford a custom website, but we’ll talk about that later.



The Cons of Using Wix


Now for the downside of using Wix, which will surprise you.  I’ve talked about a negative experience in an older article way back when I redesigned a Wix website for one of my old clients, which was a disaster.


Read the experience here: Wix vs. Custom web design; Is cheap always the best option?


It’s a long story and if you’re deciding to use Wix you’re going to want to read that story first. I highly recommend it.



Cons include:

  • Nothing works
  • Plugins are useless – was told by customer support that it’s a trial and error thing
  • Not mobile responsive – be careful when designing in desktop mode
  • Clients are penalized for leaving
  • Clients think they’re the best designers
  • People are sucked into their platform
  • Very expensive plans
  • Not very easy to design
  • Takes forever to build a decent website



Wix vs WordPress 2019 – Why Use WordPress?




WordPress has lots of users across the country. According to WordPress, it powers 34% of the internet and has over 60 million users worldwide.

You can easily create a website with thousands of templates both free and paid. There’s so much variety for every industry and business that makes it to choose from.

It’s one of the best content management systems out there that uses PHP and MySQL.  It’s also used with MariaDB, a database server that WordPress uses to build the backend.

WordPress is also used as a blogging platform, an e-commerce website, media galleries, membership sites and learning management systems.

I personally like the functionality and versatility of the website because it can be used to store blog posts, images, video and content pages really well.

In addition, I really like the ability to customize your website to create some of the best content for SEO purposes to reach my target audience, such as doctors, dentists, engineers and manufacturing companies.

Finally, I prefer to change the theme every few years, so that I have a fresh design for my audience.


What are some of the WordPress Pros?


wordpress pros wix vs wordpress


Some pro features include:

  • Choose from a thousands of themes
  • Very user friendly
  • Used by millions of people around the world
  • Freedom to be creative
  • Blogging capability
  • Outstanding content management system
  • Nearly 50,000 free plugins
  • SEO capabilities
  • Mobile responsive themes
  • Permalink structure
  • Supports pingback and trackback to link back to posts
  • Easy to use
  • Awarded for overall best open source in 2009
  • Awarded Five star privacy rating from Electronic Frontier Foundation


I could brag about WordPress all day long, but it’s better to check out the source right here at wordpress.com




Is your website looking sad? Make it happy.

Start your next project now.

What are the Cons of WordPress?


Now don’t get me wrong WordPress is an extremely useful CMS system, but technology is not perfect.  The flaws are of using WordPress are in my opinion very minimum compared to all the useful features.

I still use it myself in my websites that I own and manage most of my clients websites in WordPress because it’s very user friendly and easy to get started.


1. Updating WordPress

Sometimes installing a new update to your website can be a pain.  The new theme that you want to upgrade to might not update smoothly and cause some issues. Wae Tech Solutions have solved this issue by looking behind the scenes and testing the quality both on desktop and mobile with a professional web developer. It may take some code to correct these problems, such smooth scrolling effects, speed and performance and incompatible plugins. Therefore, before installing any update, we make sure to it’s a reputable plugin that works all the time and recommend you have a highly recommended hosting company.



2. Speed and Performance

Problems with speed and performance has been a nuisance sometimes when things on your website are not optimized properly, such as images and content. To prevent this issue, Wae Tech Solutions can easily compress your images, so your website can run smoothly. Also, videos are hosted on a third party server, so your website starts up fast.



3. Vulnerability to Hackers

Since WordPress is open source and easily broken into, your website can be exposed to hackers. Regardless of how well your website is built, security will remain a big issue. To combat this problem, Wae Tech Solutions recommends to make sure you have a complicated password, update your plugins regularly, have captcha capabilities to prevent unwanted predators.


Wix vs WordPress for Blogging

wix vs wordpress for blogging Wae Tech Solutions


Wix for blogging

First of all, Wix has an option to integrate blogging into your website with some basic features. Although, it’s easy to start a blog with Wix, it’s lacking in the comments area.  Besides not all the plugins work like they supposed to, which can make sharing your blog a bit difficult.

At least when I looked at their options, it was kind of hard to incorporate comments.  You kinda need to grab the comments from Facebook, which I found awkward. Therefore, the functionality needs more development work in this area to make blogging a more pleasant experience.


Blogging Features include:

  • SEO tools
  • Embed HTML code
  • Rich text editor
  • Add categories and hashtags
  • Search capabilities
  • Ability to add multiple writers
  • Great mobile experience
  • Optional members area
  • Custom domain
  • Free templates
  • Free web hosting
  • Professional logo maker


WordPress for blogging

In terms of blogging, WordPress has more functionality that incorporates nicely into their CMS system. It’s great for starting your brand that can grow your business.

WordPress makes it easy to start blogging because the back end makes it simple to add blog posts. For instance, what I’m using right now is from WordPress.

WordPress makes it easy to share your blog post on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The editor on WordPress makes it easy to write your articles, to format in different headings and add images and video easily in your articles.

It just takes some time to sit down for an hour to gather your thoughts together and type it out. I suggest brainstorming and researching some topics and keywords to rank for when writing, so in this way you’ll rank higher in Google.

The other nice thing about it is that WordPress functions well in all aspects.  For example, all the plugins work properly as expected and sharing your articles is effortless.


Who is the winner in blogging?

Obviously, when comparing Wix vs WordPress, WordPress is the winner in blogging because of it’s flawless CMS system.  Everything works perfectly and in my opinion that’s what matters to most people like me.

You can’t go wrong with the plugins to customize your blog posts and the editor works great. Adding images and video is simple with no awkward adjustments needed compared to Wix.



Wix vs WordPress for SEO

wordpress seo

Lets examine both Wix and WordPress for search engine optimization. I’m excited to dive in to show you the differences between the two platforms.

Wix SEO Features:

  • Wix SEO Wiz – this tool according to Wix claims it’s the one stop shop for optimizing your title, description and alt text. Plus you get it indexed so it’s instantly ready for Google.
  • Recently added Canonical URLs and Rich results

Note: You shouldn’t heavily rely on the Wix SEO Wiz tool for all your optimization needs. Instead, go for low competitive keywords with a decent search volume. Also, use tools, such as SEMRush, Ubersuggest and Ahrefs for keyword suggestions and research when ranking for keywords.


WordPress for SEO

When it comes to optimizing your website and your blog posts, WordPress does an excellent job. For example, it has plugins like Yoast Plugin to help optimize your titles, descriptions, index, content, tags, alt text in your images.

The plugins makes it straightforward to cover your readability and the amount of times you mention your keywords.


Who wins for SEO?

Clearly WordPress wins for accessibility and simplicity. I already know we can use tools, such as Ubersuggest and SEMRush for keyword research, so it doesn’t help Wix because everyone uses it.

Besides I personally use Yoast Plugin to help with my search engine optimization to make blogging much easier. Yoast makes it simple to see if my readability and SEO is good. If the color is green that means I’m doing excellent.



Wix vs WordPress vs Custom website

tech website design



In my opinion, I have mix feelings when it comes to doing a custom design. Although, you can include lots of functionality and custom styling, it’s the ultimate platform for sophisticated functionality.

However, if you’re going to do some blogging, I would personally go with WordPress to rank for some keywords.

When it comes to custom website, I definitely give it a thumbs up for additional functionality and custom designs using CSS. Also, when it comes to animations, custom also wins in this area. You can easily add scrolling effects in CSS, although HTML has some added functionality to use less code.

However, creating a custom website will take lots of time and money for those people who want it for their business. Moreover, you can use different database structures and include web apps on your website for added functionality.

I would mention that if you have the budget and the necessity for a custom website to go ahead and get it.

I’m kind of torn.


Wix vs. WordPress Pricing


wix vs wordpress pricing


Now lets get down to brass tax here of what we care about, which is how much is it going to cost us? Do you have a budget?

Lets face it everyone needs to start somewhere. If you’re a beginner, starting a business or you need a fresh upgrade to your old existing website then you come to the right place.

No matter what stage you’re at in life, you need a budget. Cost is going to be the issue here when discussing the price of each platform, so lets dive in.


Wix Pricing; Is it right for you?

wix pricing


wix business plans


Wix low barrier of entry to get started is relatively low. The price is very cheap. I even found the business plans were reasonable which they offered a ton of features. However, is cheap always better?

As an experienced developer myself, I find Wix too good to be true.

The hidden fees oh my god! If you have a Wix website and you want to cancel your plan good luck. You will be hit with fees from all over the place. Yikes!

If you don’t believe me then ask a Wix owner that has their website with them.


Here’s a video testimonial review of why Wix is not good for businesses




An non-bias review of pros and cons of using a website for Wix

It’s going to cover price, needs of your business, future costs of using Wix.


Why is WordPress the Best Choice for Businesses?


It’s relatively low cost for small businesses and sometimes large businesses. The cost in the long run is low. It’s easy to use in my opinion. The quality is excellent. You can choose from lots of templates from free to $75-99. Customization is really easy. There’s tons of plugins to use over 50,000.

I personally use WordPress and have not encountered any major problems. Support for most themes are great, but I highly advise to look at the reviews and company. You can blog easily. The scrolling is smooth. The animations are excellent.

It’s used by millions of business owners around the world. It’s also very user friendly and mobile responsive, which is everything you need.


Here’s a short video to tell you why WordPress is the best


Overall winner is WordPress!

thank you

For animations design, web apps and your business needs – the winner is custom!

For blogging, price, and user friendliness  – the winner is WordPress!

Please leave me a comment below to vote your best platform and why you chose that one.
Thanks for reading!