Wix vs. Custom web design

Most of you have probably heard of Wix.  However, if you haven't then let me explain, it's a website builder to help people build responsive websites by dragging and dropping elements on to your web page.

It's supposed to help people who have the alternative of creating a design on their own, eliminating the need for a professional web developer to design a website.

Have you ever seen the Wix commercials?  Kind of cheesy right?

The drag and drop method of creating a simple website has saturated the internet and televisions across the continent.

Are these ads driving you crazy?  For me yes, but for some people it might strike a positive spark of maybe they can create a professional looking website.  Wix makes it sound really easy to create a beautiful website.  But is it?

I gotta admit those designs are really nice and flashy.  But does these cheap options of creating a website work for your business?  Lets examine a few points.

Wix vs. Custom web design - Benefits of Wix

wix vs. Custom web design

1. Stunning templates - choose from 500 templates for business.

2.  Mobile optimized - performs on mobile devices.

3.  Unlimited fonts - choose from a variety of fonts.

4.  Total design freedom - customize your web design by dragging and dropping.

5.  App options - manage your business by apps.

6.  Scroll effects - add parallax, zoom in and out effects for your design.

7.  SEO plan - have an option to choose your personal SEO plan for optimization.

8.  Advanced design features - add video and other media to make your website have a personal touch.

9.  Media galleries - add image galleries to make your site more vivid.


How does these options sound to you?

Wix vs. Custom web design battle

Lets see..

To some of you it might sound wonderful, but to professionals it sounds like nails on a chalk board. Screech!  Ugh!  Creating a website with drag and drop options seems appealing.  I'll just slap this image here and drag the text box here to make a headline.  Cool I'm good to go!

But why does it look weird?

Uh well...


Disadvantages - Wix vs. Custom web design

1. People get stuck

However, I've learned that some people still struggle with the whole designing process.  I've been contacted by some people because they're stuck and need some guidance.  But Wix I thought you made your product really easy for the regular Joe off the street to get started?

Yes and No.

What do I mean?

The regular person that aren't web designers can't really put a website together no matter how simple it is.  Unless they follow a tutorial online or have direction from a professional then I believe people are in good hands.

Trust me I've been asked to redesign someone's website recently.


2. Lacks uniqueness

Wix vs. Custom web design - the quick and dirty option vs. the shiny golden ticket

This is how I look at it.

Your website will have that cookie cutter design.  Just imagine those neighborhoods that every single house is white and have the same lawn as everybody else.  Even though Wix has many templates to choose from, your website will probably look like Joe the Plumber in your community because they have the same template for plumbers.

You're probably good with having a professional do it for you.  It will have that unique feel and put you in a position to be a leader in your industry.

If you want to appear as an expert have a professional Web developer design your website for you.

You want to be the number one pillar in your community.


3.  Takes a long time to create

One thing I've noticed when doing a client's Wix website is that it takes a long time to achieve a professional look.  I still have to drag and drop text and images and create pages for the online store, but if you think it takes 1 day to create you are kidding yourself.

I thought creating a website with Wix takes a day or 2, but there's still a lot of thought that goes into it.

There's a lot of research and ways to design.

The point is that you want to create a website for your customers because ultimately they are the ones buying your products or reading your information.

There's a lot of misconception when it comes creating something with Wix or Square space.  You actually have to put in a lot of time when you are designing something.

I mean great experienced painters prepare and take time to create a masterpiece.  Artists can't just go in and paint a Mona Lisa in one or two days let alone 2 weeks.  It's impossible right?

Moreover, there's always a goal to meet when you're designing a website for someone.  Those goals include:  selling a product, getting a message out, announcing your new business, having someone fill out an opt-in form or telling someone where your business is located at.

Meeting a client's goal is the most important thing you can do to fulfill hands down.

You will have more standing ovations because it may bring in more customers to them, which in turns makes them more money.

Now everyone knows money makes the world go round.  It's true without money you have no economy.

So my advice is to get a professional Web Designer to do it to save you the headache of creating a disaster.


4.  Hidden Costs - Wix vs. Custom web design

Are you trying to break off the contract?

Well...according to some people, if you try to cancel a contract with Wix, you get hit with a major fee just for canceling.  Ouch!

The normal contract with Wix is about 2 years, so think long and hard before joining.

Now is that how to treat a customer?  It seems like signing up for a cell phone of some sort.


5. Nothing works a 100%

If you're thinking of going with Wix or any website builder, I would think really long and hard.  When I mention nothing works a 100%, it's because it's the absolute truth.

My experience with Wix is a nightmare.  When customizing repeater grids, it's a pain to edit on desktop and mobile.  Be super careful and make sure when you're developing a website to double check your phone because the editor on Wix isn't the same experience on your mobile phone. Also, to let you know a product grid has priority over any other grid and will screw your design up.

What do I mean?

Lets say you're developing a website and you're using a grid to include products, don't assume it will look good.  When I added an add to cart button on the grid, it was a mess.  The buttons might look good on desktop, but when you're looking on your galaxy or iphone, it looks awkward.  The buttons are all misplaced and the text are jacked up.

Also, most of the time the search boxes don't work, so don't bother adding it to the search bar on top or in the footer.  According to Wix Support, the girl on the phone tried to help me, but explained their search boxes don't work a 100% of the time.  Okay...so what if I install a search app will that work?  She explained not all apps function every time.  How are people going to rely on your plugins or apps?  She simply put as some of our stuff don't work, so she advised me to put a filter on the products grid to answer your question.  Sorry it didn't solve anything.  In the meantime, I have an angry client breathing down my neck now.  Thanks a lot with sarcasm.

I have been putting in support tickets for the past couple of days now because the site doesn't work.

Moreover, don't try to connect the image of the product to the check out page because it doesn't work either.  I heard my client loud and clear.

I do not recommend Wix to anyone no matter how cheap or flashy it looks.  This is why I always prefer custom professional done websites compare to any website builder.

When it comes to Wix vs. Custom web design, custom is always the winner!

Have you tried to down grade your plan with Wix?

Good luck!  A guy that I know tried to down grade from the premium plan to a basic plan was told that he would have to pay a fee before switching to another plan.

Now the sweet website builder ain't so nice anymore.  It's how these companies get you hooked and then hit you with major overage fees once you think about switching all together.  My advice is to pay less attention to the glamorous commercials and focus more on the terms and conditions before joining any company.

Now if you were to create a website with me, Wae Tech Solutions, you would actually save money.  There's no monthly fees, no hidden costs, no cancellation fees, or anything that could leave you wondering about an extra cost to something.  Instead, I have up front pricing on my website and I tell you everything in the terms and conditions and I give you the freedom of choosing any plan you like.  Check out my plans here.

I don't hide anything from anyone because I'm confident that I can meet your expectations.


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Advantages of a Custom Website - Wix vs. Custom web design



wix vs. Custom web design


wix vs. Custom web design



1. Meet Goals Faster

When you tell a Web designer or Web developer to create a website for you, you meet your expectations and goals faster.  They have the expertise to design your website.  They can give you the best advice on how to position everything on the page.  UX designers make a better experience for your customers if you run a particular business.

Wix vs. Custom web design - Custom always wins!

For example, a travel company hires Wae Tech Solutions to create a travel website to sell their packages.  By hiring Wae Tech Solutions, I can give you the best advice to stand out from your competitors and to position yourself as the expert in your industry.  Branding yourself in your industry is what I'm great at.

Also, I can help you create content to bring out the best in your business.  I have the best copy that will draw people to buy from you and not your competitors.  I can also help you to create a voice for the specific clients you are hoping to bring in.

In addition, I help you get your business known by posting your website to various directories.  This will be excellent for search engine optimization or SEO purposes, so search engines like Google can make you more visible to the public.  This also brings in more recognition for your brand to be number one in your industry.

Helping clients to meet their goals is what I strive for in creating any web design project.

Based out of Buffalo, NY, Wae Tech Solutions always improves to meet your goals.  I am passionate and will work hard by having sleepless nights, so I can finish your project ahead of time.


2. One of a kind design

When I create something for a client, I always help you to stand out from your competitors.  Wae Tech Solutions provides you the ultimate experience along with a unique design to create a professional look for you.

I collaborate with each client to make them feel a part of the process.  This will enable you to be involved in every step of the way.

Also, by having an open line of communication helps the design go smoothly to ensure each client is satisfied.

You can't get that from Wix or Square space where everything is a cookie cutter experience.

Wix vs. Custom web design - you know custom always out weigh anything else.

There's more functionality and flexibility to putting your personal touches to your own website.

You look more professional and people take you more seriously, so that counts a lot.  Nobody wants to look unprofessional.

Always standing by to help clients achieve their very best.  Contact me for a free consultation!


3. High Value

Something I strive to have is high value.  When comparing Wix vs. Custom web design, of course custom always wins.  Why?  I offer an overabundance of value compare to template builders.  They may have the pretty images and fancy grids and sliders, but I have personality to add to your brand.  I have the experience.  I can get the word out faster about your brand.  Also, I can get things done much faster.

Someone new to design has no insight to how to bring in more customers.  I have the tools you need to bring in more revenue.  I also can help you with marketing your brand by integrating Google Analytics and social media.  Does Wix offer marketing?   Maybe.  But I guarantee they can't over deliver by bringing in more revenue for you.  If you haven't checked out my services, I urge you to do that right now.