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By Roxanne Reyes

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[View Packages] Wae Tech Solutions Website Design

If you have landed on this page, chances are you searched for us on Google.  Therefore, we can do the same thing for you if you were to hire me to do your SEO or website design.


About Wae Tech Solutions website design 

We are locally owned and operated in San Antonio, TX. Wae Tech Solutions offers services, which includes website design, web development, SEO, and social media digital marketing services.  We also have other packages that is more suitable for you that may combine web design and marketing together.  Actually, I am a one person operation that does everything at the moment, but hope to expand in the future.  In addition, I have been doing website design since 2012, which I discovered to be very interesting and enjoyable.



10 Reasons Why you Should Hire Wae Tech Solutions website design 

  • One on one attention
  • Believes in over achieving goals
  • Long tail keyword targeting to avoid competition
  • Aggressive content marketing strategy to long term results in Google
  • Multiple ways of lead generation (hint: chat bots)
  • Never outsource cheap labor to other countries
  • Believes in quality over quantity
  • Custom website design or WordPress themes available
  • Value given at all times
  • Everything is done by a step by step process for each client


Wae Tech Solutions website design Process

This is a very important part of working with me and I explain in each section in detail.  We want to be totally transparent when working with you throughout the process.  We also like to keep open communication with you at all times to let you know where we are in creating your website.  Please read carefully, so you know what to expect.

If you have any questions, please call us anytime at


Why is having a responsive website important?

responsive web design - website design buffalo NY


Have you wondered why having a responsive website is really important? 


According to statistics from Tyton Media, 94% of people rejected a website because it didn’t work properly on their mobile devices.  This could cost you a huge lost in revenue.


Do you have a responsive website? [View Packages] Wae Tech Solutions Website Design 


engineering website theme



Almost 60% of all internet access is done through the phone. Get a website that interacts with your users in San Antonio, TX or anywhere in the world.  A really good website design can skyrocket your profits and make or break your business.

Today, customer retention is key to success.  We need to get in front of them constantly, therefore everyday is a battle with all sorts of distractions from social media to television.  You need a responsive website design that will propel you in the right direction.

At Wae Tech Solutions website design  – we improve your website so your company keeps growing to produce results.

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Why should you have a business website?


What is responsive web design?


Responsive web design is a method which the design and development responds to the user’s behavior on any platform, screen size or orientation.

According to smashing magazine,  responsive design consists of flexible grids, layouts, images and media queries.  For example, if the user switches to a tablet or smartphone then the size of the screen should respond automatically to fit the screen of the device.  It should accommodate the images resolution, size and scripting abilities.

Therefore, if you’re on Facebook or any social media platform, you want the best user experience possible.


What is user experience (UX) and why should you care?



User experience is the process of creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function. (interaction-design.org)

At Wae Tech Solutions website design, we create the best user experience for your customers, so they can easily navigate through your website and purchase your products and services.

We focus on the customers use in mind and your goal to make more profits.

Lets us show you why we care about your business.


Why should you care?


Imagine you have an iPhone.  This is an example of a great product with good user experience.  As a result, the iPhone is designed for its use in mind and how to maintain, own and troubleshoot your mobile phone.

UX designers not only focus on how it’s used, but also concentrates on the pleasurable experience that brings to an individual.

For this reason, you want a product that has a goal in mind, is not confusing to the user and one that you can maintain over a period of time.

With Wae Tech Solutions website design San Antonio, TX, we create an enjoyable user experience that has a goal in mind that eliminates the confusion that is both pleasurable and easy to navigate.

This is why you should definitely care about how users experience your product because it can cause users to exit out of your website or keep reading your fascinating content.

But another factor to consider is social media, which leads us to the next idea that builds your brand.

When it comes to building your audience, you can’t have it all in the same area.


What do I mean?


Therefore, we can’t have social media as a one time answer to our presence otherwise, we will lose sales fast.  Here’s what I mean in the next subject about social media.


Why social media is not enough?


Everyone is on social media, such as your mom, dad, friends and even your dentist.  You might even see your favorite brew pub on social media too.

The mistake is thinking of just by having Twitter or Facebook is good enough, you could be highly mistaken. Why?

People believe you will instantly have thousands of followers or likes.  Also, people believe once you’re on Facebook, you don’t need to do anything at all.

You’re wrong.  Why?

According, to allbusiness.com, you need to figure out a strategy to get sales because simply having a presence is not good enough.


You need to determine:

  • Who is your target market?
  • Where do they spend their time socially on these channels?
  • What questions do they have?
  • What types of information are they searching for?


Social media alone establishes no home base



Actually social media gives you the ability to connect with your customers on a deeper level, according to hostpresto.com.

For example, Facebook is a connecting tool for your website.  You build relationships on social media.  When your followers are ready to check out your products they go to your website.  That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Your website is where they find out more information about your business and you personally.  For instance, you have your homepage where they see if your products or services are for them, the products or services page displaying your stuff, your about page explaining who you are, and your contact page to get in touch with you.

Therefore, with social media alone it doesn’t address details all about you or your services.  Social media is used to socialize and then send them to your website.

You want a goal to get sales right?

So use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to interact with people then sell them your products by sending them to your website.  It’s that simple.

At Wae Tech Solutions website design Buffalo, we can help you get your business website operating at full speed with a strategic approach in less time.

We can help you piece together a plan that fits your timeline and budget, so don’t hesitate to check out our plans.

Not only you need a website, but a responsive website that works on both desktops, tablets and mobile phones.  Here’s some awesome statistics why responsive websites works.


7 Awesome statistics that proves Responsive Websites Works in 2019 [View Packages] Wae Tech Solutions Website Design 





  1. Designing Responsive Websites increases sales



According to econsultancy.com, marketers saw an increase in sales by 62% when designing for mobile responsive websites and 64% increase when designing for tablets.  

As a result, more companies are seeing that ROI because consumers are on more likely to see products on their mobile devices rather than a desktop.  The age is changing, so now more companies need to adapt to people’s lifestyles.

At Wae Tech Solutions website design, we can design a website to help you increase your sales and reach your goals right now.  Therefore, invest in your business to get ten times the profit, which means higher growth for the opportunity to expand into a bigger space or take your business over seas.  Not a bad idea right? Contact us today!


  1.  Internet is accessed through mobile devices not computers


The studies show by pewresearch.org include:

  • 83% of Americans who use the internet at least occasionally using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device
  • 89% go online daily
  • 31% go online almost constantly


  1. Almost 50% of e-commerce sales comes from mobile (statista.com)


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Why trust a professional web designer vs website builders?

When it comes to convenience mobile is the way to go.  You’ve already seen how much people are spending their time and how much people go online on a consistent basis.

Wae Tech Solutions website design can create the best user experience e-commerce platform for your business.  We have plans that are budget friendly that works for small to large companies, so you can serve your customers faster and better than ever.

The evidence is staggering and taking the leap to go where most consumers are is more than a great idea.

You can see the shift of buying behavior because I was just looking at the news and a marketing consultant mentioned that shopping malls are dying.  The closure of Sears, Kmart, JCPenny’s losses to online giants, such as Amazon is dominating the e-commerce space.


  1. Most People Judge Websites on Responsive Website Design



Imagine meeting someone for the first time.  Do you judge their appearance right from the start?  Do you know the exact same thing happens when you visit a website?

The first impression of a website matters.  Everything has to be on point, fast, optimized and ready to go.


The moment you can’t navigate through the website or if the website takes too long to load, people get annoyed and leave.  This is a huge problem for a business because a business thrives on capital. You can’t afford that lost.  

Don’t be left behind on bad judgement.  It’s time to adjust your thinking into taking that leap into the 21st century.  Get a responsive website to save your business from sinking. Let Wae Tech Solutions website design in San Antonio, TX can help you take your website to the next level.  


  1. People want a responsive website



According to searchenginewatch.com, 72% of consumers want mobile friendly websites that are more likely to buy a product or service.  

For example, we watch movies at our theater a lot.  Fandango makes it easy to buy movie tickets online conveniently and choosing a seat is a breeze.  Our credit card payment information is sent through PayPal, so it’s secure and comfortable. We get a notification in our email and the theater assistant scans the bar code and lets us in. Everybody wins!

It’s all done on our mobile phone, which Fandango has the app that makes purchases easy and secure.

We buy everything from movie tickets to buying food on Grub Hub or a game from Best Buy.  It’s really a game changer if you tell me.

Wae Tech Solution website design San Antonio, TX will give you an epic responsive website that your customers will enjoy. 

Check out our work


  1. 77% of Adults in the United States own a Smart Phone



Today, it’s hard not to see anyone without looking at their smartphone.  In fact, the amount of people using smartphones doubled compare to 2011.

More people are diversifying their lives all on their phones.  I can’t leave the house without my cell phone. I actually feel lost without my smartphone like most people today.

We have become so dependent on our phones that it’s really a necessity for everything.  For example, our contacts, grocery lists, email, music, apps, shopping apps, games, calendar, reminders and more are relied upon.

At Wae Tech Solutions website design – get seen not just 77% of the time but all the time.  We can make your company visible on social media, Google and most publications.


  1. Google Recognizes Responsive Websites




This makes sense when it comes to responsive websites, since more people uses their phones over a desktop.  Actually 82% of people uses their mobile device for business to buy products and services.

It makes sense that Google promotes businesses which convert potential users into customers. All it would take is a few adjustments so you become part of the top results.

At Wae Tech Solutions website design San Antonio, we can get your business on Google’s directory by registering your business.  This is crucial to having your presence on Google because this where most companies get discovered.  Don’t be left out.  We get it done right.  We get it done fast.




Are you ready to take on a responsive website?


Converting your website into a responsive website is an excellent economic decision.  Your business will succeed to greater heights like you’ve never seen. The marketing consultants and research has been overwhelming to say the least.  

If you don’t have a website, then it’s time to get on board to the modern age.  Take a stand now before it’s too late. Don’t be left behind like what the big retailers have done.  Adjusting is what great business owners do, so take that opportunity now.

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