7 Benefits of website analysis

by Roxanne Reyes Founder of Wae Tech Solutions

Everybody would love more sales to their website or having more visitors to their blog.  I’m here to let you know there’s no real shortcut, but only good old fashion work.  Today I’m going to explain the benefits of doing a website analysis.


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benefits of a website analysis by Roxanne Reyes Wae Tech Solutons


What is a website analysis?


A website analysis is basically a series of tests and check points to see if you’re website is performing it’s best.  It’s similar to a health diagnosis when you go for a yearly checkup at the doctor’s office.  Your doctor may check your blood pressure, weight, and perform a blood test to see if you have any illnesses. 

The website analysis is crucial for fast performance, conversion, lead generation and driving traffic to your website. For instance, the HTML code has to have no errors, keywords need to be used properly, the layout has to structured, the site is easy to navigate, images has to be optimized, alt tags and meta tags has descriptions, there’s no broken links and the speed and performance needs to be fast.  Whew!  

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you too much with all the techie stuff.  



Why should you bother doing a website analysis?


Clearly the benefits outweigh the negative side effects.  You reap all the rewards, for example increased revenue, more visitors to your site, more page views, and faster performance.

Now that we got the idea of a website analysis, lets dive in to the benefits of a website analysis.


How to do a website analysis?

Doing a website analysis is really easy. In fact, here’s some suggestions that you can do right now.

It’s a no brainier when it comes to free and paid resources. Some you may have heard of and some may be new to you.


Here’s some free ones to start with:


ubersuggest website analysis tool Wae Tech Solutions




First, head over to Ubersuggest and get a free website analysis report from my buddy Neil Patel.

It’s great because it gives you keyword suggestions, analyzes your website and generate a free analysis report all for free. 

The reason I love Ubersuggest a lot is because it gives you helpful advice in case you need to rewrite your article and optimize it for more keywords. The more you insert the keywords that’s related to your topic the better it is to rank in Google.

This simple tip is to look at all the articles you’re already ranking for and make it more awesome.



It also gives you:

  • Top pages you are ranking for
  • Keywords you’re ranking for
  • All the pages that are driving your traffic
  • Domain overview
  • Top SEO pages
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Content ideas
  • Banklink data



Google Search Console


google search console Wae Tech Solutions



Next, go login to Google Search Console and type in your domain. It will show you how well your website was performing based on the amount of clicks through out 3 months and every month. Then, open the report under the search title and you will find all the the data for impressions, clicks, average CTR and average position.

This tool is great because the data is coming directly from Google and not a 3rd party site.

This is the number one tool that I use to get all of my data.


Here’s what you will get:

  • Queries based on search terms clicks and impressions
  • Clicks per page and impressions from highest to lowest
  • Countries based on clicks and impressions
  • Which devices based on results of the most clicks and impressions
  • Search appearance
  • Daily reports on performance




How to Generate a Website Report Analysis?


If you’re looking to generate a website analysis report then it depends what your goals are. Lots of times you’re looking to reach a certain amount of revenue, customers or something along those lines.

I suggest listing out your business goals and go from there.

If you’re creating a general website analysis report, there a few KPIs to look for. You want to add a few relevant goals that are important to you just to give you an idea what your report will look like.

There’s short term and long term goals.


Here’s some questions to consider:

  • What strategies are you going to use to reach those goals?
  • What channels you’re considering? Social media for example.
  • Is it going to be an in depth analysis?
  • Is it going to be used only for marketing?


If you need a free website analysis report click here.

free website analysis by Wae Tech Solutions



7 Benefits of a website analysis

So why do it?  The 7 key benefits of a website analysis include:


 1.  Fix errors in your website

free website analysis Wae Tech Solutions



You are probably thinking, nothing is wrong.  It’s flashy and it does the job, but when you look under the hood there could be many problems you didn’t know that existed.

Take for example my website waetechsolutions.com.  When I performed a series of tests for performance, search engine optimization and analytics, I discovered I had multiple issues.  These errors consisted of duplicate code, images that weren’t optimized and some links that were pointing to a wrong page.  

When I fixed these matters, my website loaded faster and the call-to-action buttons were pointing in the right location.



Need a website analysis? Schedule a Free Consultation!


Here’s some free resources to help you:

This is free mobile performance test by Google.

  • http://GTmetrix.com

GT metrix is also a free resource to check standard desktop browser loading time, identifies errors in links, and you can even download a report for your records.


2.  Improved performance and speed


Consider these facts that affect speed: ref: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/

  •   47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. 
  •   40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. 
  •   A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. 
  •   If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year. 

To improve the speed of your website you can start by compressing all you images.  Most times the file on these images could be huge, so it takes longer for your website to load.  

There’s tons of sites that you can use to compress your images.  One site I recommend that is totally free is http://optimizilla.com/

As you can see below the image has been shrunken down from 192k to 57k, which is 71% less.  

So speed could make a big difference when it comes to visibility, conversion and sales.

What is the recommended loading time?


According to Google, the best practices for loading time is 3 seconds.In a recent survey, Google analyzed 70% mobile landing pages, it took more than 5 seconds to load the images and 7 seconds to load all visual content.  



Optmizilla compressing images Wae Tech Solution

3.  Online reputation and Back-links


Okay, maintaining high quality back-links is huge, especially with Google.

Did you know Google has an algorithm for tracking back-links?  Yes, it’s true.

They’ve also recently integrated Penguin into their algorithm back in September 23, 2016.  This makes Google’s algorithm more sophisticated to underrate Spam link building websites that rank at the top of the page list.  This means cheaters is going to lose no matter what.

If a site is linking to your website then you must be giving some value to them, so this is a bonus.

Another thing is that if more sites are referring back to your website, you look more trustworthy to others and Google. 

Moreover, Google has not exactly gone over the credibility of ranking your site, but it all boils down to domain authority. 

Domain authority consists a number of characteristics, such as link-data, age, size, popularity and trust-related indicators ranked from a score of 1-100.https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/smart-ways-get-quality-backlinks/

Ask me about a FREE Website Analysis!

4.  Website Security


Keeping your website secure at all times is crucial to prevent an attack against hackers.  

Making sure you update plugins and applications is important to prevent errors and attacks on your site.  

According to Beyond Security, there’s two roads to accomplishing excellent security.  First you would have constant alert to new security issues.  By establishing all patches and updates are done at together, have all your applications reviewed and have programmers do their work on site and checked carefully by security professionals.  

You would also provide a secure firewall, antivirus protection and run IPS/IDS.

In addition, Beyond Security recommends a regular website analysis scan to ensure the website code was done properly.

Taking precautions will safeguard any vulnerabilities to your data.  

5.  Data Analytics

You probably guessed that Google Analytics is the most popular source of data analytics on the planet and you’re right.

If you haven’t installed this program on your site, then you could be losing out on thousands or millions of dollars left on the table.


Here’s some features of Google Analytics:

  •   Understand your customers better through data
  •   Connect your insights to results
  •   Built for small business and large enterprises
  •   Improve business across sites and apps
  •   Data analysis
  • Visualization and Reporting


To check out more about Google Analytics click here.

6.  Social media analysis


Before we dive deep into social media you have to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  •   What platforms do your target customers use?
  •   What platforms are appropriate for your business model?
  •   What kind of content does your customers enjoy?
  •   Are you producing regular content?
  •   What time of day are you posting?
  •   Which posts are getting the most likes and engagement?


There’s a few options when it comes to using social media.  Everyone knows the most common platforms out there, which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snap chat.



social media analysis for websites Wae Tech Solutions



How to analyze your social media?

You need to take a step back and see which tweets are getting the most likes and engagement.  There’s a lot of helpful tools on the market to help you analyze your posts on all platforms. 

Here’s some helpful social media management tools to help you.

  1.  Sprout social

This is a social media analytics tool designed to manage all your networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

Having all your platforms in one place makes it easier to manage and schedule posts when needed.

Features include:

  •   Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+
  •   Price: Starts at $99/month (try a free 30-day trial)
  •   Recommended for: Any brand that manages multiple social media profiles across multiple networks. If your brand is active on social media, a tool like Sprout is a must-have.


snaplytics social media analytics tool. Wae Tech Solutions

This tool is created mainly for Snap Chat and Instagram users.  Since Snap Chat doesn’t really give you in depth analysis on your snaps, Snaplytics gives you the data you’re looking for.

For instance, you get data on your performance of your snaps, audience growth and more.  It also provides you with information on your Instagram stories as well.


  •   Networks: Snapchat and Instagram
  •   Price: Contact for pricing
  •   Recommended for: Brands that want to measure their Snapchat performance.

3.  Buzzsumo

buzzsumo content analysis management tool. Wae Tech Solutions

Buzzsumo is a unique platform designed for content management and analysis.  It looks at how your content is performing, how much engagement it’s getting, how much shares it gets on Facebook and Twitter.  It will also examine what posts are doing great on each platform based on the length, date and type of article.




  •   Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram
  •   Price: Starts at $99/month
  •   Recommended for: Brands that that blog and distribute their content on social media.

7.  SEO

search engine optimization Wae Tech Solutins


According to moz.com, SEO is a marketing technique aimed at growing visible organic (non-paid) search results.  SEO consists of technical and creative aspects of increasing traffic, awareness, improved rankings in all search engines.  



Why does my website need SEO?


You may think the major search engines will be able to find you without any problem, but think again.  The majority of the traffic is driven by Google, Yahoo and Bing.  In order, to be noticed by these search engines, you need the right keywords, phrases, and game plan to direct your target audience to your website.  Think of these search engines as roads leading to your website.  People are looking for the right information – the right path to your website.  Have an idea and research your keywords carefully to know your audience.


To find out more, check out my article on SEO

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