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Digital Marketing | Responsive Local web Design Buffalo NY


Even if you’re selling a product, have a service based business, educating the public or building a brand, your website and digital marketing should always have a purpose. Your quality web design Buffalo NY company.


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Digital Marketing | Responsive Local web design Buffalo NY



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Web Design Marketing – Digital Marketing | Responsive Local Web Design Buffalo NY

Are you searching for a website that attracts and retains customers? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place.  Chances are you have been looking for help to extend your awareness of your business and increase your profitability.  We’ve all been there.  Some individuals have hit a ceiling or plateaued in the recent years and you need to get out of that rut fast.  Let Wae Tech Solutions get you out of the hole and help you invigorate your business for you.  We can help you build a top notch lead generating website and supercharge your marketing with careful research and planning.  Strategy is our top priorities to instant growth.   Anything is possible with a responsive web design that is visible to your potential customers on mobile.  Reaching customers near and far is what we focus on.  Building relationships and maintaining them is also our top priority.  We use all avenues to help you capture leads.  For instance, we use laser targeted content specific to your industry, social media marketing (Facebook, Google Ads), print media, postcard mailings, press releases, web design, and SEO search engine optimization.

Studies show there’s 72% of consumers who do research visited a store within 5 miles.(  Also 82% of smartphone shoppers conducted ‘near me’ searches. (Search Engine Land 2018).  It’s time to get your website on the fast track to the new digital age.  Most potential customers do research before buying a product, searching for a service (doctor, dentist, mechanic, store) online before walking in the door or purchasing an item on the internet.  Google is one of the main search engines that most people do research on.  Therefore, Wae Tech Solutions can get you started now to bring in you into the 21st century to help you jump start your business. Buffalo’s best web design Buffalo NY. Check out our services.


Are you a health care business? Digital Marketing | Responsive Local Web Design Buffalo NY

We specialize in helping a variety of medical clinics in most areas.  It doesn’t matter if you are new or an established practice.  We always treat you like family.  We focus on getting you results and helping you towards achieving your goals.  We make sure you get the most on your return for investment in your website and marketing campaign. Our web design Buffalo NY company concentrates on creating the best in customer service, so you get the best experience all the time.


Who we help in health care? web design Buffalo NY

If you don’t see your specialization here, please let us know so we can help you.

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Pediatric practice

Chiropractic care

Gynecology clinics

Family Medical Practices

Dental Practices

Plastic Surgery

Podiatry Clinics


Why your medical website matters? Web Design in Buffalo NY

Proof of your medical authority and expertise.

According to Jody Niemetz Co., Google drives almost 96% of search engine traffic.  Thus, 61% of marketers claimed that improving their organic traffic and improving their SEO is their top priority to inbound marketing. (

People want the best medical care – it’s what is expected from patients.

Unfortunately, people have a limited time and are impatient. That’s why it’s important to convince them immediately. Let our web design Buffalo NY company get you a high performance website and marketing to reach thousands.

Therefore, your website homepage must have:

  • Testimonials
  • Achievements
  • Links to research studies and papers
  • Affiliations
  • Associations
  • Awards
  • Specializations
  • Other authority unique to your expertise


What kind of tech companies do we help?

Yes, it’s a really broad area when you think about it, so here’s some of the tech companies we currently assist. Wae Tech Solutions is equipped to handle all your needs. Wae Tech Solution is your number one Website Design Buffalo NY company.


  • Tech startups (Software, SAAS, Web services, Data)
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • App Development
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive

Check out our packages.

Do you need to update your website? Digital Marketing | Responsive Local Web Design Buffalo NY


Do you have a website that’s 4-5 years old?  Then it’s definitely time to upgrade your website.

Let Wae Tech Solutions take care of you right away.  We have the latest technology to get you up and running fast.  We focus on getting your website optimized for search engines, such as Google and create a comprehensive plan to get you the best targeted content related to your industry.  Whether if you are in the dental or medical field, we can organize your web pages, so people can find you on the internet.

Don’t worry if you already have hosting.  We can create a custom website or template that can easily migrate your new website over.  If you need someone to assist you with web hosting, I can recommend a few vendors, such as or as one of the most reputible companies out there in the market.


How often should you update your website?

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We get asked this question a lot when it comes to having the most modern web design.  We want to make a great impression when someone visit our website.  Consequently, it is recommended that you update your website every 3-4 years just to keep it fresh.  People often does a lot of research before buying a product or searching for a service, so we want to have a responsive website that is visible on mobile and easy to navigate.


Are you generating enough leads?

Patients come and go by either relocating to another area or deciding to switch providers.  It’s nothing personal, but you need to reach as much people as possible.  Reaching people locally is crucial if you want to grow your practice.  You need enough revenue to keep your business a float.  Are you keeping track of your leads?


How are you reaching people?

There are multiple channels on how you can reach people.  First is by mail posting.  By sending out postcards and keeping track of who you’re reaching is a smart way to making your campaign work.

Second, is social media.  Facebook is great for advertising to your local community within a certain radius, such as within 5 miles.  You want target a certain income, gender, household, families with children, education, occupation as a starting point.  Create a compelling offer that will get their attention.  For example, a coupon for $25 dollars off your first visit is a pretty good offer to get them to schedule an appointment with you.

Third, is starting email marketing.  By creating a newsletter or another offer they can’t refuse is a great way to get them to sign up to your newsletter.  As a result, make sure you keep them informed at least once per week of any events or special announcements.


Is your website mobile responsive?

Digital Marketing | Responsive Local Web Design in Buffalo NY

Building brands to dominate cross channel communications to drive sales and get high qualified leads.


What do I mean?

When you look at your website on your iPhone or Android device, do you need to resize it to see the web page better?  If the answer is yes, then you need to fix it fast.

Majority of the population owns a cellphone and have access to the internet.  According to GSMA real time data, almost 5.13 billion people own a mobile device.  They also mention that 66.53% of people own either a tablet, smartphone or cellular IoT device.  This is crazy!

That’s more than half of the population that is tech savvy.  As a result, people are constantly on the internet searching for a business, researching a product, watching a video or looking for services.  This is where you should be focusing all your time and energy on.  This also means someone is search for a doctor, a dentist or your company in Buffalo, NY or in your area.

For this reason our web design in Buffalo NY is focused on local traffic, so make sure your website is responsive to reach people in your area.


Why choose a local web design company? 

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You get one-on-one strategy session to brainstorm your ideas with me to get profitable fast.

When you deal with a local Web Design company in Buffalo NY you get personal service, a designer you can trust and see us in action.  Compare with a company overseas or in another state, the communication is not consistent and you can’t see them in person.

Check out FAQ page here.


Wae Tech Solutions is your quality web design Buffalo NY company that can help you get started today!

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