4 cost effective ways pediatricians save money, $32,500 each month

Lets admit it marketing has been getting more expensive each year.  Not to mention the sophistication in the multiple avenues of advertising.  There's television ads, social media, print advertising and direct mail.  However, I believe there has to be a more strategic and less expensive way to targeting your audience.

In this article, I'm going to explain the cost effective ways Pediatricians save money marketing to patients.

But lets go over some issues here.


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Is it possible to be cost effective and strategic at the same time?

The short answer is yes, but how?

Now I'm not telling you not to advertise at all and I'm not knocking down social media or marketing in general.   All I am trying to tell you is to go the inexpensive route first.  Now this way is not instantaneously, but it's going to generate traffic to your website over time.  This leads me to the first method.


4 cost effective ways pediatricians save money, $32,500 each month

1.Start a blog.

I know you're probably thinking you don't have time to write any articles. But you can definitely set time aside on the weekend or have a writer do it for you in order to attract more patients to your practice.  Trust me it's worth doing on a daily or weekly basis.  It just needs to be consistent.

Starting a blog is one way to own your own website real estate and niche in your market place.  It's one of the best methods that takes time to build, but can get you results in the long run.  If you operate your own medical practice, you need to set time out to write articles, seriously.  It's a great way to rank on Google for a particular niche.  People search for information all the time and when they happen to see your blog post, Google boosts your business higher on the page.  The more content you have on your website, Google sees you as an authority.

One of the things I love when blogging is sharing the content with my audience.  You really need to target your audience well when doing this.  For example, you could write a blog about "7 things to prepare for when you get pregnant" or "How does regular check ups with your pediatrician save you money?"

Those are just some cost effective ways Pediatricians save money each month.


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2.Have patients book online appointments.

With Wae Tech Solutions, I have a booking system to help your patients book their own appointments online.  This is a fantastic way of scheduling your patients ahead of time.  Just in case someone needs to cancel a time slot with you another person can easily take that appointment to see you on a particular day.  It's cost-effective by requiring no staff to be on site and it's simple for people to use.


What are the risks?

Online appointments are low-risk.  Booking systems is efficient because you both instantly receive an email confirmation to let you know an appointment has been booked.

You can easily set up criteria for patients.  Make them choose options that require low risk health problems.  Critically ill patients should call the emergency room in the event of a serious life threatening problem.

Physicians can ask the nurse on call to check the system routinely for appointments to avoid any misconceptions ahead of time just to be on the safe side.

How does this sound to you?

I hope this is something you'll think of in the near future to help you generate more income.  This is certainly a cost effective way Pediatricians save money each month.  Imagine the possibilities of growing your medical practice each year, so you can reach your financial goals faster.

Is it HIPPA regulated?

Yes, this booking system will be HIPPA regulated so nothing will be overlooked.

What about overbooking patients?

According to a case study by Y. Huang and D.A.Hanauer, entitled Patient no-show Predictive model development using multiple data sources for an effective over booking approach, showed over ten years of retrospective data from a single general pediatrics clinic, consisting of 7,988 distinct patients and 104,799 visits showed a 0.74 no show threshold.  The overbooking approach demonstrated a significant reduction of at least 6% on patient waiting, 27% on overtime, and 3% on total costs compared to other common flat-overbooking methods.

Even though, 3% on costs were decent, what about physician and staff burn out?  Do you even have a life afterwards?  I guess stress and over working comes with the profession, so prepare for high stress and long nights.

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3. Set up text-notification reminders.

Setting up text-notification reminders are one of cost effective ways Pediatricians save money.

By setting up text-notification reminders for patients, they will be less likely to miss any appointments.  At Wae Tech Solutions, I have an automated system to send out reminders for your patients.  You can customize on what to say in the reminder.

It can be something short and sweet.  For example, you could say "This is Dr.Tom's office reminding (patient's name) of your appointment at ___ time on ___day.  Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out any forms prior to check in."  These reminders prevent no-shows dramatically reducing to almost 30% in some states.

Setting text-notifications can be extremely helpful for habitual no show patients and late patients that need constant reminders.  You can also send these text messages out 2 days prior to their appointment to prompt people to be on time.

In fact, I'll be releasing a new appointment app soon, so everyone can try it for a FREE 14-days trial period.  The app won't be available yet, but join my newsletter and you'll be the first know in advance.  The app is a great option for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, primary care physicians and pediatricians.  Basically it can be used not just for medical professions, but for any business that is greatly affected by no-show appointment violators.  I'm based in Buffalo, NY so I'm taking any pre-orders for businesses in that area.  The app will be in beta mode for 2 months to test for any discrepancies. I haven't fully decided on the pricing yet, but I want it to be a yearly membership model.

It will have features including:

  • text notifications
  • voice notifications
  • options to confirm and cancel appointments
  • option for mass promotions to clients and patients
  • message customization
  • several plans according to organization size
  • monthly and yearly options

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4.Publicity publicity publicity

Some of you might be very shy, but it's okay I was shy too.  But don't you meet different people each day?

You will be shocked that by being in the spotlight might not be too gutsy.  Just think of it as generating more revenue.  This is one of the best cost effective ways Pediatricians save money because publicity requires NO money for advertising.

The more people you speak to either through events, charities, newspapers or radio broadcasters, the more you get well known in your community.  People will see you as the expert in your field and will call you for help rather than your competitor.  Lets face it we're in business to make money not lose money.

For example, look at Dr. Oz, the cardiologist turned television personality celebrity doctor.  I watched Dr. Oz for years and he was the man I took advice from to lose weight.  He's not a dietitian or nutritionist, but he gives expert advice by having other professionals on his show.  People will line up to see him at his show and will buy anything he sells because Dr. Oz is seen as a credible physician.

In fact, Dr. Oz mentioned that another company has been using him for falsely endorsing one of their weight-loss products.  Why?  His celebrity appearance sells products.  People will believe anything because they see Dr. Oz as an authoritative figure.

Actually I believe anybody that has his or her own television show holds all the cards, so try to get in the spotlight its worth it.

This is one of the best cost effective ways Pediatricians save money because it works and it can work for anybody in business.




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