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The Conservative Tech is a Facebook page that has the latest tech news and gadget reviews.

Don’t worry in case you were wondering this is NOT a political organization or community.  Since the world is up in roars about political issues now days, you’re not going to run into that rhetoric here.

I assure you that only technology information that benefits the public will be displayed in this community. Therefore, if you want to hear about the world news, please seek out a news channel somewhere else.

Now that we got that squared away, I only got awesome information about how you can make your life and business successful.

I’m all for being successful, how about you?

You know what I might ask you guys questions on how you deal with business issues, so leave some feedback in the comment section.  For instance, I need advice on how to handle financial issues and how to organize a business.  Also, if you got advice on how to handle clients or how to charge more, I want to hear your story.

The Conservative Tech is going to have dialog.

Here’s what I mean.

I ask a question and we can have a discussion over a topic.  Sound cool?

Check out the weekly schedule below for the list of categories.

If you want to bring up a topic, mention it in the Facebook group or contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.  To all my friends!  (Line from Bar Fly, a tribute to Charles Bukowski)

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Weekly Schedule

Every Tues, Friday:  Topic discussion

Thursdays: Tech Review

Monthly random giveaways

Daily posting of tech gadgets, technology news and more.


Schedule is subject to change, so stay tuned on Facebook to get an updated schedule.