Learn how to do on-page SEO. Follow my easy SEO WordPress blog tutorial.

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Are you scratching your head right now on how to do this SEO WordPress blog thing?

I know how you feel.  I was in the same boat as you.  Real confused about SEO and why I needed it.

Don't worry my friend because I got the tools you need.  If you are a beginner this short video will go step by step on how to do your own on page SEO.

You don't need no fancy degree or to be a professional at this.  Trust me.

First off, we need to go over some things.

What you will learn about SEO WordPress blog time?

  • meta description - what to include in the description
  • SEO titles
  • perma-links
  • how to create links
  • optimize tags
  • optimize alt tag links
  • good practices
  • how not to eat spam (just kidding!)
  • how to be awesome at WordPress SEO blog writing

To get a in depth guide, go to Moz.com

SEO WordPress blog 101:  Checklist

1.  WordPress Website- do you have one?

  • If you don't it's okay, really.
  • these SEO steps can apply to your own website if you have Wix, Weebly or a custom made website

2.  Install Yoast Plugin (Click here for more info about Yoast.)

  • It's easy.  Go to plugins > add new > type in Yoast SEO > click install > apply.
  • You're ready to go!

3.  Follow my video tutorial for applying SEO WordPress blog details.  (<------HINT)

  • open your website and open a blog post that you want to optimize SEO on.
  • this easy guide will allow you to make Google search for your website easier.

This video is not real fancy, but it will help you I promise.  Enjoy the video!

If you have any suggestions for better video cameras, please leave them in the comments below.  My camera doesn't have the best quality, but it will suffice for now.  

Contact me if you have any questions.  Chao!

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