The 5 ultimate ways to a profitable secure business 2017. Today, you need low cost, profitable secure business. We are facing rising costs and higher prices, so we need solutions that work for your business.

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The 5 Ultimate Ways to a Profitable Secure Business 2017  

By Roxanne Reyes

In 2017, this is where you start growing your business smarter with better technology.  And this where you start using The 5 Ultimate Ways to a Profitable Secure Business 2017.  

This is where data analytics and other technology comes in to fix your issues and you start growing your business.

Why Use Data Analytics for a more profitable secure business 2017?

Data analytic tools are getting more affordable, easier to use, faster and smarter, so now it’s time to take advantage of those options.   Just take a look around you the evidence backs up Big Data products.  There are mountains of articles, reviews, and case studies that have been conducted by experts in the business intelligence field and data sciences department.

By using data analytic tools to a more profitable secure business 2017, you can save a lot of time and money.  It gives employees the freedom to get products out the door, make more sales, serve more customers, work on meaningful tasks and most of all grow your business.

How to utilize other software tools to a profitable secure business 2017?

To increase your business and motivate your team, give them the tools and information to be successful.  It might be access to the CRM dashboard on Zendesk, which allows them access to tracking sales and customer information or access files on Dropbox for documents and brochures.

In this article, I explain some really useful tools to maximize productivity, lower costs and grow your business in 2017.

profitable secure business 2017

The 5 ultimate ways to a profitable secure business 2017

1.  Dropbox

profitable secure business 2017

Give it a try and you’ll see why.

Dropbox allows you to share data anywhere and anytime with your team.  You can get access to your files from any device, such as your cellphone, tablet, or computer.  Everything syncs automatically to all your devices, so you can do business while on the road.  Some other benefits are sending videos quickly, backing up data, keeping photos safe, and editing presentations with teammates. 


It’s cost effective and I even use it for extra storage for backing up data.  The great thing is that data is backed up off site, so it’s safe and secure just in case something drastic happens.  It’s nice to have shared files, so your team is in the loop at all times.  Most of all, you can have an option of how much data space you need.

2.  Pipedrive

profitable secure business 2017

Their methodology relies on sales pipeline management. 

Some features include: 

  • total clarity where you need it 
  • fully customizable to your taste
  • easy to find stats
  • easy to use and no odd restrictions.

Why I think it’s cool?

You can create records, have predictability insights by doing reporting and forecasting, work on activities, set sales goals, utilize mobile apps, and take advantage of web forms so customers come to you.  In addition, you can import and export data easily with a touch of a button.

3.  TradeGecko

profitable secure business 2017

Do you need help with your inventory? 

This product is an inventory and order management software for merchants. 


  • organize your entire inventory
  • customers are organized in one place
  • You can work smarter
  • save time
  • sell more products
  • take control of your business all with this high powered system

4.  Moz, Google Analytics

profitable secure business 2017profitable secure business 2017

Ahh…let’s sit back and relax while the customers come to us.

These tools makes SEO simple.  If you are a business owner, you need an all-in-one package to help you to get your company visible


  • These tools allow you to track rankings
  • research keywords,
  • get page recommendations
  • analyze competition
  • fixes crawl issues
  • best of all boost traffic

These powerful tools drives more customer traffic to your locations and distributes the data in other search engines, web sites, apps and directories to encourage local search results.  This can drastically improve your website to a profitable secure business 2017.

5.  Zendesk

profitable secure business 2017

This is an out of the box customer based management system.  It’s a whole new ticketing system designed for your customer experience.  It’s also a project management system entirely hosted by Zendesk.  It’s highly customizable and easy to use.  


  • attach documents
  • do reports
  • answer customer tickets  

Some of the companies that use Zendesk include:  Groupon, Sears, Disney, Hulu, Denver Broncos, Pintrest, TripAdvisor, Xerox and more. 

Check out their website for more information by clicking on their name.


Big Takeaways to a profitable secure business 2017

All of these tools are ideal for small to large businesses.  If you are thinking of scaling up your business, it wouldn't hurt to take a look at these tools.  Zendesk appear to be a favorite of many high end companies, so you should definitely check them out.  Google Analytics is pretty much a no brainier considering it's the largest analytic tool out there.  It's worth tracking your progress with Google Analytics.  Also, Moz has free tutorials on how to do SEO if you are a beginner and really good information about search engine optimization.

Do me a huge favor and leave me a comment below.  Let me know which of these tools you are planning to implement in your business and why.

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