How to Optimize Image Tags for SEO

How to optimize image tags for SEO?

Today, we are going to talk about How to optimize image tags.

Now I have a short video above to help you go through the process of optimizing image tags.  Follow that EASY video.

It's so easy a 10 year old can do it.

Here's the 3 Easy Steps to How to Optimize Image Tags for SEO:

Ready?  Here we go.

  1.  Install Yoast SEO Plugin

optimize image tags

To install, on your main dashboard locate Plugins > go to add New > In the search box on the right > enter Yoast SEO > click on the plugin and hit install > click the button to activate the plugin.

The Yoast SEO Plugin should be ready to go.  Then you will be on the same page as me.  To be sure it's installed you will see the Analysis section on the bottom with the green or red dots on the left.

2.  Find image you want in the gallery

  • Select the image by clicking on the picture.
  • Once selected locate the alt box on the right
  • Enter the keywords you are ranking for.
  • Click done.

3.  Optimizing Tags in the Text Tab (HTML code)

  • Click on the text tab in the editor.  This will give you the code behind your article.
  • Locate the img class tag with your image.
  • Next, locate the alt = ""
  • In between the alt = "keyword(s)"
  • Click Save or Update
  • Click View to See changes
  • If your tags are entered correctly your Yoast SEO Analysis should be with a green dot.

optimize image tags

That's it!  You should be all ready to go.  Do this for every single image to get the most optimization possible, so any search engine can crawl to find your keywords, links and other tags easily.

Be sure to follow the Yoast SEO Analysis with the dots to turn every single dot green.  Try not to leave any dot red or orange, Google doesn't like that.


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