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Do you need an online booking system?  

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 Are you searching for a free online booking system to try?  or Don't know which ones to choose?

Don't worry I got your back.  This is a highly versatile online booking system because it's used for many businesses.  For example, you can use this for businesses, such as medical, fitness, education, government, beauty salon, consulting and entertainment.  The list goes on.

If you want to try out something for free first, this is the one appointment system to take for a spin.  

I did a previous post about why online booking systems are a great option for your business, so I thought I would do a review on one you would like.

In this article, I'll briefly describe why I think it's so awesome.  You can watch the tutorial I created above that walks you through the demo.

I'll also illustrate the features of the product, but for the real experience you should try it out for free on their website.

But lets dive in to what they're all about.

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Some history behind

The company is based out of Iceland and started out in 2008.  They developed the software system for a business called Vaka Ltd., which did very well.  Afterwards they decided to take their product globally to help other people.

Today, they have continued to serve thousands of customers worldwide and help many others sign up each month.  They also stand behind studies of their appointment systems that improve their product.

I really believe this company is going to progress throughout the years to give you the best customer satisfaction.

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Features of the Online Booking System:

  • Unlimited service providers and clients
  • Enable multiple services to be booked at once
  • Connect group services
  • Set schedules and opening hours for your business
  • Approve group bookings and reject bookings
  • Create a custom cancellation policy for no shows
  • Recurring appointments
  • Event appointments
  • Easy cancellations
  • Administrative view
  • Email reminders
  • customization
  • integration
  • enterprise options
  • up time is 99.98% for reliability (Excellent!)
  • SSL encryption (data backups are done daily, password secure, HIPAA custom feature)
  • Terms and conditions feature for your business
  • Accept payments (PayPal, Zooz, Stripe etc.)
  • Service providers can sync to Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Promotions for your services or discounts
  • Languages
  • Email Support during M-F or chat service available for 7 days weekdays and weekends.
  • Check here for prices

What do I think of this online booking system?

Personally, I believe in this software.  I loved how it was smooth and clean looking.  Their website was really easy to navigate around.  There are tons of rich features I loved too, such as the quick email reminder and confirmation page.  It also had the ability to accept payments.  Another plus is that it integrates well with Google calendar or Outlook.  I especially liked how supportive it was because they cared about customer satisfaction by making themselves available 7 days a week by email and chat.

I also liked the free 30 day trial and the demo you can test out for yourself on their website.  I tried it about three times and was very impressed how fast and easy it was.  Signing up was a breeze to book an appointment.  You want to make it easy for people to book appointments and I believe this is the one I would choose to try.  I plan on downloading the free trial for a month, so I will let you guys know how it goes.  Wish me the best!!

Takeaways for online booking systems

Are you impressed?

I'm not an affiliate, but I like helping people look for a better solution for their business.  So whether it's online booking systems or software, I like to tell me people what I've found.

I would advise you to try it out.  Give the demo a try by following my video.  It's free so what do you have to lose.  

Leave me a comment below if you found this article useful.  What feature did you like about this appointment system?  Tell me all about it.

If you want me to review another online booking system, please leave me a comment below.  I'm writing another article to list some pros and cons of other online booking systems, so stay tuned for that.

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