Here's 5 facts of why you should be using medical online booking systems.

By Roxanne Reyes

If you're not utilizing medical online booking systems, you could be missing out on major profits left on the table.

What do I mean by this? Why use medical online booking systems?

 According to NCBI, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a study was conducted regarding the Web based medical appointment systems: Systematic Review,  to identify the benefits and barriers to having a web based online appointment system.  

Since the world is changing to adopt new technologies, it's imperative that we need to make it easier for patients to get a hold of their primary doctor or specialist in a more convenient way.  By using the internet, patients were more susceptible to book their appointments and what I've discovered was mind blowing.

Some astounding facts why you should be using medical online booking systems:

  1. Reduced no-show rate
  2. Decreased staff labor
  3. Decreased waiting time
  4. Improved satisfaction 
  5. Reduced cost

See graph for statistics

facts medical online booking systems

1. Reduced no-show rate and cancellations from medical online booking systems

Take for example, the reduced no-show rate and cancellations.

A study published on April 15, 2013 by called the Cancellations and access to physicians: ZocDoc and the evolution of e-medicine, mentioned that cancellations due to online appointments were lower for about 6.9% rather than traditional phone appointments among dermatology clinics.

The study analyzed appointment records made over a 6-month period on for 3 dermatology clinics located outside Houston, Texas.

Now if you tell me that's a significant improvement of no-shows among patients.

The no-show analysis rate at Duke Medicine Health Review Portal showed a reduction by years:

  • In 2006, a monthly no-show rate of non-portal users between 10.2%-10.5%
  • In 2008, after implementing the HVP scheduling system showed an improvement to 4.4% 

Additionally, the improved outcomes with Diabetic patients no-show statistics displayed a reduction from 20% to less than 5%.  Thus, diabetic's have been known to have better health conditions due to faster health care.

2.  Decreased Staff Labor due to medical online booking systems

According to, a compilation of studies was published and among one of them listed was the A Study of the Effects of Online Appointment Systems on Patients and Hospitals, the analysis showed by using the BSPC web scheduler at the Birmingham Surgical Treatment Center, the nurse scheduling process was reduced annually by 30% in costs.

Lost of documents Among Staff

Another huge discovery I found out about medical staff errors due to lost of medical documents.

A web based system designed for surgeons, OR staff and referring physicians presented a reduction to 0% compared to 20% through loss of surgery consent forms.  

3. Decreased waiting time via medical online booking systems

Nobody likes to wait hours to see the doctor.  And in fact people hate waiting for anything.  Think about it.  

Do you like waiting in line?  Do you like waiting in traffic?

The answer is no.  Right?  So why would you do that to people?  Why would you sabotage your practice?

Look, I get you're swamped.  But check this out.  

Waiting is a huge disadvantage for quality service and retaining patients.  And it's a massive killer to a loss of revenue.  In fact, long wait times will make patients bounce to another physician who can provide shorter wait times with quality care.  

Therefore, if you want patients to stick around longer, you need to provide shorter waiting times both in the office and making appointments.

So here are some data for using web based solutions.

According to Weiner Appointment Systems, the amount of patients seen increased from 54% to 83%.

  • the waiting time using WAS (Web-based Appointment System) in China decrease from 98 vs. 7 minutes
  • reservation rate increased to 100% using eTriage System

This goes along with the next subject, which is improved satisfaction.

4. Improved Satisfaction from medical online booking systems

Being able to provide satisfaction to patients is actually the most important aspect of keeping your practice a float today.  

According to Luecke RW, Rosselli VR, Moss JM. The economic ramifications of “client” dissatisfaction, claimed that in the United States a dissatisfied patient can result in more than $200,000 loss of yearly income in a medical practice.

So don't put your practice in jeopardy.  

Instead, appeal to patients by using these factors to show excellent satisfaction: (conducted by Banhu Prakash)

  • Break the ice: make eye contact, smile, call people by name, express with words of concern.
  • Show courtesy: Kind gestures and polite words make a patient very comfortable.
  • Listen and understand: encourage patients to tell their problem. Invite and answer their questions.
  • Inform and explain: it promotes compliance. People are less anxious when they know what's happening.
  • See the whole person: see beyond illness the whole person.
  • Share the responsibility: risks and uncertainty are facts of life in medical practice. Acknowledging risks builds trust.
  • Pay undivided attention: this reduces distractions and interruptions as much as possible.
  • Secure confidentiality and privacy: watch what you say, where you say, and to whom you say.
  • Preserve dignity: treat the patient with respect. Respect modesty.
  • Remember the patient's family: families feel protective, anxious, frightened, and insecure. Extend yourself, reassure, and inform.
  • Respond quickly: Keep appointments, return calls, and apologize for delays.

The studies have shown that customer satisfaction with patients have grown by using medical online booking systems.  

  • increased in satisfaction from 49.0% to 71.7% (WAS)

You might tell yourself, the stats seem really good and I'm okay with doing things the traditional way.

But you've got to adopt to a strategy to grow your practice.  You need to think long term.  

Think about it.  Your patients get older.  People move to a new area, so you might lose some patients.  Then you're out there hustling for new ways to get people in the door.

Look, I don't want to see you get stuck.  

That's why thinking long-term is the way to go.  People like convenience.  Insurance companies aren't paying out fast enough.  

Why not combat the problems ahead of time?

Hospitals and other medical departments are implementing medical online booking systems, so scheduling appointments can be done anywhere and anytime.  As a result, they have significantly grown their new patients list exponentially and their profits has sky rocketed.

I want you to have the same advantages that hospitals have, which is the chance to have increased satisfaction, increased customers, and most of all increased in profits.

Don't be left in the dust.  Either web based or having it available on your website is great, but whatever you prefer get started and don't wait.  

I'll be happy to walk you through some choices that suit you. Contact Me


Hey, I've got a challenge for you.  

After reading this, what is your biggest takeaways from reading this article?  Do you realize the importance of medical online booking systems? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you shortly.  Thanks for reading!

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