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We all need a little boost sometime and A LOT of a time.  – Roxanne Web Designer Buffalo, NY

These resources are designed to help you be successful, learn to be a great developer, stay on top of the latest tech news, gadgets and more.  Also, if you are curious about web design, WordPress, social media, email marketing in general, reach out anytime for a FREE 15 minute consultation maybe I can help you.  However, if for some reason you need special attention to some areas, I can refer you to the right person that can give you better insights on your matter.  At Wae Tech Solutions, I want to make you feel we are the best answer and fit for your web design or web development needs.  Call to make an appointment today to start your next project with us 716-420-5266.



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Wae Tech Solutions Buffalo helps you get the best results possible. Discover the right solutions to grow your business leaps and bounds. The value we provide will exceed your website return on investment. Not all websites are created equal because it takes strategy to help you convert leads into sales. We start by diving deep into your brand. A brand session will definitely help you see your business in a whole different light. What makes you unique? Curious about brand session? Learn more about Brand session here


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Do you need to drive more traffic to your website?

Learn about SEO techniques, such as optimizing meta tags, descriptions, keyword optimization and backlinks to drive more traffic to your website.  Also, discover more ways to promote your business online for free that includes: SEO, blog information, and social media statistics from reliable resources.  I have many valuable resources to help you with your business including a 3 minute quiz to make your website instantly better.  Check out the information on this page.



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Free Resources

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Are You Safe from Hackers?

Get your advice first from a reliable web designer Buffalo, NY

This world is full of evil manipulative people seeking to do harm to innocent people.  We can never be sure who’s behind the computer to do malicious acts to steal your information.  At Wae Tech Solutions, we deploy safe measures to secure your website from dangerous hackers and foreign attackers.  We have knowledge of protective plugins, security backup systems, and securing your web hosting to do preventative tactics against attackers.  We make sure you are safe and secured before any update to your data.  Here’s some plugins we recommend for your WordPress website: (

  • All in one WP Security & Firewall
  • Jetpack
  • Google Authentication – Two way authentication
  • Defender
  • Shield Security
  • iThemes Security


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benefits of a website analysis by Roxanne Reyes Wae Tech Solutons
Discover the Benefits of a Website Analysis. Why is testing your website important?



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