[Updated] 7 Tips: How to Make your Dental Website Stand Out

By Roxanne Reyes



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Tired of looking at the old website?  Nobody wants to look at a boring website that was built 10 years ago.  It’s actually time to make your practice and dental website stand out from your competitors.


Today, this generation visitors are searching for a dentist online, instead of calling you from a phone book.  This is huge because the dynamic has completely changed drastically and now is the time to pivot.  


You want your practice to be successful and has a big impact to help your patients.  Am I right?


Now is the time to have a beautiful, well organized and lead generating dental website that has a great impression.


Let me show you how to make your dental website stand out from the crowd. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation now!


  1. Start with a Goal

dental website - wae tech

Carefully map out your objectives for the website. Have a checklist and organize your thoughts beginning with goal of each web page.  What do you want users to do? Do you want visitors to call for an appointment? Do you want to collect information? Do you want them to visit the next page?


Here’s what to do:


  • Write out your goal and be specific- for example: I help dental patients to maintain a healthy smile by preventing cavities and gum disease.  
  • Map out your thoughts
  • Get your team together to brainstorm together


 2. Create Targeted Content

dental website

Each web page should be specific and related to your topic, which is dentistry.  Think about what patients are searching for in a dentist. Create content that is easy to understand for patients.  List out some of the services you do and explain it. A great idea would be a video on your homepage explaining about you, your team, the practice and what patients should expect.


Also, create content that is related to dentistry, such as brushing techniques, flossing tips, events coming up, new patient information, patient forms, and a signup form to book an appointment.  This information will help your dental website stand out and convey an easy approach for people.


 3. Make your website easy to navigate 

dental website wae tech

Having a dental website easy to use and navigate is crucial to the user experience.  You don’t want a want a website that is hard to understand for users. Instead, make the main navigation menu on the homepage easy to use by having the about page, services, patient forms and contact information readily available.


Be sure links and call-to-action buttons work properly to take them to the appropriate action.


Have scroll options available to page up to the beginning of the page.  Create a pull down list for additional information.


This includes:


  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Patient information
  • Patient forms
  • Blog
  • News/Events happening
  • Contact information


 4. Testimonials

user satisfaction

Getting testimonials is really important to get some concrete social proof about your dental practice.  Your patients experience is number one when it comes to letting other people know how good you are. Testimonials builds trust with people because if they see other people give you a good rating then it’s a greater chance you’ll gain a new patient.  


Google is big on testimonials.  In fact, they list reviews from customers to see how credible you are to your performance, so make sure to give excellent customer service.


Here’s an example of a testimonial:


“Dr. Evans was patient and kind.  His staff greeted me with a warm welcome and guided me through the process.  They made me feel comfortable and at ease when I was about to get my teeth cleaned.” – Lynn


“I love going to the dentist because the staff and Dr. Teddy made me sparkly new teeth and always there to make me feel great.” – Mike



Pro Tip: Insert Testimonials below the banner.

Follow this guide here.


testimonials insert below the fold by Wae Tech Solutions



 5. Customer Service

customer service

Your customer service experience is everything because your reputation matters the most to other people.  Providing excellent customer service should speak volumes because the word gets out fast. If don’t have good customer service and your staff is mean and rude to patients then it’s not good for you or your business.


Therefore, adjust your team fast to get them on track because this could decrease your reputation and income very quickly.


 6. Pick a professional and clean design

dental clinic

You want to make sure your design is clean and professional looking.  The colors should be soft. The website should load fast. When picking a theme you want to make sure the colors are not too overbearing.  Most dental websites are a light blue to green and white. The reason for lighter colors is because blue stands for trust, so it’s a good idea to choose a theme that stands for being trustworthy.


A modern design has smooth scrolling and some animations that allow for the ease effect, which is great for user experience.



7.  Have an About Us Section

about us

Write a nice description of you and your team that helps people to understand your dental practice.  To make your dental website stand out you need to write a story about yourself in a brief paragraph. People want to know you before they actually visit your dental practice.    disruptiveadvertising.com


Then create a brief description about your staff members that explains their title, education and favorite things to do.  Writing about their education is great, but add some of their outside activities to appear normal.  


It would be nice to add a biography of your credentials and where you grew up.  People love hearing where their doctor originated from and how you chose your profession.


Dental Mistakes to Stay Away From

avoid these mistakes



Now I’ll explain some mistakes to avoid when creating a dental website.


Neglecting SEO


This step is crucial to making your website rank higher in Google.  Not doing any search engine optimization or SEO is devastating to your website because nobody will hardly see your business.  People only see those businesses on the first page of Google, so you could be losing out on major leads for your business. I advise you to not skip this step because your success and revenue is at stake.


Choosing a website builder 


What do I mean? People think choosing something, such as Wix, Weebly or Squarespace is what will do the job.  But in reality these site builders are not optimized for SEO, are poorly organized, has a monthly fee, the plugins don’t work properly and if you want to sell products that is another fee.  


These are just temporary fixes, but are not viewed in Google half the time.  It’s poorly ranked in Google. The customer service is sometimes a hassle to deal with and it’s expensive in the long run.  Trust me I have experienced this with one of my clients in the past because the plugins did not work at all. Therefore, it’s best to avoid this in the first place because you will be hiring a web designer to overhaul your website or get a professional website done anyway.


Not updating your content


Sometimes you get really busy and that’s totally understandable.  But you need to keep on top of your game, otherwise your competition will catch up to you.  I recommend having someone to update your website or blog at least 3-4 times per week, so your patients know when you’re making changes to your practice.  


At times you might be changing your office times due to a holiday or want to add a couple blog posts to your site.  Wae Tech Solutions can help you create articles relevant to your topic and industry to notify your patients about tips or events coming up soon.


Therefore, don’t forget to update your content often to keep the public informed.


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