5 Ways to Solve Your Dental Marketing Challenges

By Roxanne Reyes

Founder of Wae Tech Solutions


Did you ever think why do marketing?  You probably thought after you open up your practice all the patients will come running into your door just waiting for you to clean their teeth.  Then silence, nobody has heard about you before.


Have you ever encountered these problems? In this article I’m going to explain five dental marketing challenges facing dentists today and how you can fix them.


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Problem #1:  I’m old school, I don’t need a website


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Sorry I got news for you, it’s 2019.  According to profitpress.com 41% of businesses mentioned they don’t need a website, but this is more of a dismissal rather than a reason.


The reasons for this conclusion is that most small business owners are not tech savvy.  They often believe that it’s too expensive or complicated. They also don’t see how it could help them in the long run.  In addition, they believe why get one if they are doing alright without it.  


Solution:  Your competitors are catching up to you.  Get a simple website that includes: your brand, logo, a page about your practice, and contact information to increase your chances of increasing your revenue. Your dental marketing challenges can be significantly reduced if you get a well organized website for your practice.



Problem #2: I don’t know how to do marketing


Most dentists probably come straight out of college not knowing how to do any marketing for themselves.  Also, dentists don’t have time to do dental marketing and find it very expensive.


Dental marketing has its place for professionals.  It’s complicated with social media, blogging and SEO.  I totally get it.


Let Wae Tech Solutions take care of all your social media, web design and content needs.  We have packages to work within your budget, so you get the most value for your money.


Solution: Get Wae Tech Solutions to do the marketing for you.  I focus on what you need the most, which is content inbound marketing and a website design that generates leads.  It includes: weekly blog posts, laser focused content of your ideal client, dental content beneficial for your patients.  For example, tips on dental treatment, why get a yearly check up, how to properly floss your teeth, and how to overcome tooth decay.


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Problem #3: I can’t afford marketing


This issue is related to the first problem, but if you set aside an allocated budget for your dental marketing you can definitely afford it.  


You’re also probably thinking only corporate businesses can afford to spend on advertising and a website.  Yes, it is true they have a larger budget to spend, but you can do small promos at different times.  Your dental marketing challenges can be reduced if you set small promotions for instance, on Facebook or Google Ads just to get started.


For example, let’s say you have a special promotion going on for the fall after all the holidays.  You can do a promotion on Facebook or Google Ads for a month.  


Therefore, I’m here to debunk any feelings you have about marketing because it doesn’t have to be a burden for you.  Think of it as an investment into your future in growing your practice.


Solution: Marketing doesn’t need to be expensive.  Promote your products and services at times necessary for you.  Create a budget plan, so we can tailor your needs and find the best package for you.


Problem #4: People don’t like going to the Dentist

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Since people don’t like going to the dentist, it is a necessity.  It doesn’t mean you don’t need to do any dental marketing or get a website.  Remember times have changed and it’s almost something people expect to see from a business.  

According to wordstream.com, 72% of consumers who did a local search for a business visited a store in 5 miles.

Also, according to Jodie Nimetz Co., Google drives 96% of traffic from mobile searches.  Unbelievable!


Solution: Don’t assume you don’t need to do any marketing.  Remember most people tend to search for businesses online today and not in a phone book.  Even though people don’t like to visit a dentist, they still need to go to one sooner or later it’s just a matter of time.


Problem #5:  I can handle it


What happens when you do everything?  Nothing gets done. You get burnt out.  You forget to post things. You can’t focus on the number one thing you love, which is serving your patients and giving the best dental care.  


We all know that handling everything is not possible at all.  It’s a disaster for failure. Don’t be caught closing your practice. I want you to be the most successful dentist in town.  We need you to clean those pretty teeth.


Solution: Eventually you will get tired, so don’t hesitate to contact Wae Tech Solutions to solve your dental marketing problems.  Let us take care of you, so you can enjoy treating your dental patients.


Your dental marketing challenges doesn’t need to be difficult, but you can overcome them after carefully planning your strategy.  Try these tips out and let me know if you have any questions about dental marketing, dental web design or dental SEO.  Stay tuned for more articles related to this topic.

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