Today I’m going to show you the easiest way to connecting MySQL database.

I believe it’s the best way because it’s very simple.  Before this article, I showed you how to do the markup with Bootstrap, so we’re actually be using the same form to connecting MySQL database.

In this short video, I go step by step on the process to connecting MySQL database.  Right from the start, I wanted to show how to check for the values.  In this case, I was testing to see if we were retrieving the username and password values in the input boxes when we press ‘submit.’

Why we need to test?

I believe it’s very important to check and test out everything before getting too far into the application.  The main thing is that you want to know if everything is working properly.  We check by using the ‘if’ statement, which is a commonality in every application.  No matter what programming language you use, it’s always a good idea to test it out first.

I’m not going too far ahead in this video.  I’m going to save other functionality, such as the CRUD part until later.  CRUD means create, read, update and delete.

This was really enjoyable to do.  I plan on using this in my applications for the future when I create something on my own.  I love MySQL databases and PHP because you can do a lot of things.  I can say connecting MySQL database for the login app was an awesome experience.


Any thoughts?

If you have any thoughts on anything I could’ve done differently, leave me a comment below.  I will be glad to answer you or help you in any way I can or contact me.

The next blog post will be probably a video on creating records into the database table with PHP.  This is going to be the ‘C’ is CRUD, which is create.  I’m so excited to show that one.

I hope you had a great time connecting MySQL database with PHP.  Take care.


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