Buffalo Local News: Woman Steals $53,570.15

By Roxanne Reyes Wae Tech Solutions, Buffalo Local News


A Woman from Depew, NY admitted to stealing money while working at the Respiratory Services of Western New York as a manager at the Depew location.

According to Erie County District Attorney, John Flynn, 47-year old Kandyce Rupe stole the money between April 2018 and May 2019.

Rupe was accused of altering customer checks and depositing them into her checking account.  She also faked deposit bank checks to avoid getting caught by her employer.

As a consequence, Rupe is faced with 7 years in prison and will be sentenced on January 7, 2020 9:30 AM.


Buffalo Local News: Why Do People Steal, don’t they know the Consequences?

I can’t understand it sometimes. Maybe they don’t have a conscience anymore.

I’m wondering if it’s a medical condition. What do you think?


Just don’t do it

I can’t imagine being in jail for years in this case this woman faces up to 7 years in prison.

How embarrassing, right? Save yourself from the embarrassment from your family, friends and God.


News in Buffalo: Carry a good conscience instead

It seems like the it’s Buffalo Local News then it’s bad news, but not necessarily. People often do good things in the community.

It’s better to have a good conscience and to avoid being numb to badness.

All I can say is that crime is crime, but at least I don’t live in a dangerous place like Los Angeles.


Buffalo Local News: GM Workers Union Says Agreement Could Come By Thursday


United Auto Workers continue to stand strong to fight for better wages, and good benefits from General Motors.

General Motors workers have been on strike for a month now and is anxious to get back to work.  According to Union officials, they could come to an agreement by this Thursday Oct 17, 2019.

JR Baker says, “Everybody is ready to go back to the plant and work on those engines for 19 vehicles. But until we get our contracts we have to take one thing at a time, one day at a time.”

Baker also mentions, it would be amazing if General Motors had given us fair wages, affordable healthcare and job security since day one.

According to Baker, all the chairs and presidents of General Motors have to report to Detroit for a special meeting on Thursday.

Union officials believe there will be an agreement coming soon.

Union members are prepared to walk the picket line again if there’s no fair agreement reached, Baker mentions.

Baker indicated that the community has been very supportive and appreciates the politicians and others that have come out to help them with motivational speeches and food.

I’m here to inform everyone that lives in Buffalo, that everyone needs to stay in touch with their community and Buffalo Local News is what keeps me going.


Buffalo NY Wae Tech Solutions Announces Free Workshop ‘How to Increase your Website ROI’

Buffalo Local News October 22, 2019

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Internet Statistics for 2019

  • 4.1 billion users as of December 2018
  • China has the most internet users about 802 million
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  • 5 billion Google searches everyday


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