March 6, 2019

By Roxanne Reyes

It’s hard to believe that 46% of small business owners don’t have a website.  According to MIT technology review, they claim the Average American time spent on the internet has risen to 9.4 hours to 23.6 hours per week.  This tells us a lot how consumers are looking for businesses like yours. Let’s discuss the 5 benefits of having a website for a small business.


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  1. Improve Business Credibility

In simple terms, a website is like your online business address.  This is where customers, clients, patients and associates find you on the internet.  The benefits of having a website for a small business is tremendous when it comes to improving credibility.

In fact, a survey in 2015 claimed that 84% of consumers believe having a website makes your business more credible than just having a Facebook page.

    2. Build your Business

A website is a great way to share your story, display products and services and get in touch with clients.  It’s a perfect tool to advertise your business on a budget. In fact, 36% of clients prefer to deal with businesses that only have a website, while 21% of consumers would agree to buy from a business without any website.   

When it comes to building your business, the benefits of having a website for a small business outweighs just posting ads in a newspaper or publication, it’s a time saver and very inexpensive.


  3. Strengthen your online Presence

If your business doesn’t have a website today, you could be missing out on lots of potential revenue.  As a result, generating income should be the livelihood of a business. Some facts, show there are 3.5 billion people online everyday searching for information, sharing on social media, or sending emails on their mobile phone.

Some mention that obscurity kills businesses today, so clearly the benefits of having a website for a small business is necessary when it comes to building an online presence.


 4. Promoting your Business

Promoting your business with just social media and no website is compared with having an arm with no head.  You can’t survive without one.  The benefits of having a website for a small business is crucial to promoting your business.

  • Social media – which include: Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can reach up to 2.34 billion or 67% of people online today.  
  • Blogging – companies that blog at least 16 times per month has 4.5 times more leads compare to those who blog 0-4 times per month.  Websites with a blog has 434% more indexed pages. Finally, 61% of consumers reported a blog influenced their buying decision.
  • Email marketing – using email marketing increases 40% more leads rather than Facebook.
  • Videos – using videos on homepages allows your message to resonate with visitors clearly thus creating more potential leads.


 5. Tracking your Business in Real-Time

One of the best benefits of having a website is tracking the performance through analytics.  Analytics allows us to track user data through several key indicators. Some of those indicators include:

  • Page views – how many times a visitor has come to your website, what pages are they viewing and what content interests them the most.
  • Page visitors – indicates how much visitors are going to your website and to what pages.
  • Bounce rate – how much time the visitor is spending on your website.
  • Average time spent – this determines how much percentage of time a user is spending on average for each page.  Tracking your analytics data can help you to exponentially improve your quality of content, rather than sending out expensive mail postcards or advertising in newspapers and magazines.

If your not tracking your data, you can’t reap the fruits of your hard labor.  Make sure you track your potential customers and contact them as soon as possible.

One way I do this is by installing a chat bot on the homepage of the website.

You can train your chat bot to answer some basic questions, such as office hours, application process, services, and contact information.

Your chat bot can be a way to save time and capture names and emails to contact them regarding any questions they have about your services.

Not bad right?

The benefits of having a website for a small business can make you a successful business owner.  For more information contact me to start your business website today.  Call 716-420-5266 for a free 15 minute consultation call.