7 Website Strategies for Higher Conversions

By Roxanne Reyes


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Is your website easy to use?

Why should you have a business website?


Are you tired of those junky leads?  Sales looking really low? Don’t worry because I have some excellent strategies to help you get higher website conversions.


  1. Call-to-Action – This is the most important for someone to actually convert.  Do you have this call-to-action button at the end of your pages or article?  This should be a universal detail in your entire website to have qualified leads.  Implement these website strategies to bring you the most profit.  After all sales is the bread and butter of a business. Right? 


     2. Highly valuable content – Next, you should absolutely have valuable educational content.  Your blog posts should inform your visitor about your expertise. Write about specific information that relates to your niche.  For example, ‘how-tos’ and strategies are very helpful to a potential prospect that enjoys reading something beneficial for them.  It shouldn’t be salesy and pitching them on every single thing. Don’t be portrayed as the sleazy salesman.


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   3.  UX user experience – Third, your website should be easy to navigate through out your website and have your website load fast.  Have specific directions for them to follow. Guide them smoothly as they scroll up and down the page. Have arrows and buttons that have a link that shows them to a menu.  Make sure the links aren’t broken. Have icons in places that are expected and have images be clickable. Producing a fast loading and easy user experience builds trust and a good relationship.  This website strategy is really an important one to keeping users happily engage.


 4.  Qualified Traffic – This comes down to understanding your targeted audience and specific user persona and the data you gather.  The information of your ideal customer should be mapped out in detail, which I will get more into later.


 5. Data – Are you familiar with Google Analytics? If not, then it’s best to get acquainted really fast. You should be laser focused when it comes to what your visitor is reading and what their interested in.  By paying close attention to the data, then it will be easier for you to grasp the ideas and what suits them more.  Data is one of the key factors to your website strategies arsenal because this is how we focus on our target market to get to know them inside and out. 


 6. Specific Website Persona – Creators assume their users think and act like they do, but they only care about their business.  I have news for you. Your users only care about themselves. Users have different goals and they’re all unique.  This is a personal treasure when it comes to website strategies because your user profile will keep you concentrated on the details of all their behavior and image.  It all boils down to getting that ideal customer you are going for.


How to create a website persona? 



user persona

  • Demographics – Age, Gender, Location
  • First Name and real photo – to help them become more real to you
  • Primary/Secondary segmentation – Helps with prioritizing
  • User needs – Why are they visiting your site?
  • Business needs – What is your company trying to accomplish?


Personas can be developed easily in Word or another graphics program, such as Illustrator or Photoshop.  This is a reference tool to help you keep you focus on the web design process from strategy to launch.


Personas is work, but well worth it in the end.  Try not to be overwhelmed on how much time it takes to create them.



Think of this exercise as an investment.




  • Makes research meaningful and focused
  • Everyone wins by making better decisions
  • Helps keep everyone on the same page



 7. Focus on 80/20 Rule




80% of a website should engage and build relationships and 20% should sell services/products.


What do I mean?


The 80% of your content should focus on your customer’s needs and challenges.  For example, make your blog filled with ‘how-to’ articles, e-books and whitepapers and podcasts.  Your main function is to help, educate and entertain to build a relationship.


The remaining 20% of your content should focus on your company’s services. Convincing the reader that your business is the best one to choose.  For example, your sales pages, landing pages and product pages should sell your services. 


Focus on these 7 website strategies and you’ll win. 

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