The Best 2020 Digital Marketing Trends for Generating Massive Results

by Roxanne Reyes Founder of Wae Tech Solutions Buffalo NY


2020 digital marketing trends



We all know that trends go up and down all the time.  Also, staying on top of trends is like a roller coaster. However, lets kickoff the best 2020 digital marketing trends of the century, so you can boost your revenue for your business right now.

I can probably guess that medical or dental school doesn’t teach you anything about marketing, right?

For example, I was talking to my dentist and we got into the conversation of what I do for a living and she agreed that dental school never taught anyone about business or marketing. Isn’t that sad? You have all the skills to open your own office, but no knowledge of how to start a business.

Today, I find more dentists venture out on their own rather than joining another established dentist. The idea of running your own staff in an office sounds exciting, but the reality could hurt if you don’t have any business or marketing skills.

Hopefully, this article will give you some information about digital marketing, so you have a better advantage compare to most practices.

Now you’re probably thinking why should I stay on top of a trend?

That’s a valid question.

Well..I can tell you this.

Trends follow people and what they buy. And guess what?

It’s all about following the money.

We all love technology and certain types of gadgets, but even that goes out of style really fast.

Therefore, if you’re not tossing out that old computer system you may be losing out on lost revenue over time.

Instead, stay on top of your game and be the savvy marketer that keeps your clients happy and coming back for more.


2020 Digital Marketing Trends for Dentistry and Health Care


Before diving in the hottest 2020 digital marketing trends, I want to give everyone the best advice out there.

Based on the data and the amount of increase these marketing trends has, I’ve researched 7 of the common marketing strategies to give you insights on where they’ve been in the past years and where are they going in the next five years.

I believe this factor is important for any marketer right now because you want to invest enough time and money before taking on any risks.

Of course there’s always some type of risk involved, but you want to minimize it as much as possible.

As a professional marketer, knowing as much information is crucial for the best results for you and your clients.

This article is going to educate you on the types of strategies before taking any leap forward.

Any trend is an investment. For example, bitcoin is still a gamble to many expert financial investors, especially to Warren Buffet. I remember him mentioning he will never invest his money into bitcoin because it hasn’t been around a very long time, so its track record appears too risky to put all your eggs in one basket.

This is also true for anyone that invests in a trend. You want it to work. And you want a proven track record to back up any claims.

However, I’ve taken the liberty of doing all the research for you, so all you need to do is read the data and make an educated decision for yourself.

Lets begin.



2020 Digital Marketing Trends List


  1. Video Marketing

youtube video marketing


Video marketing has been on a steady rise since the last 5 years.  At least 80% of savvy marketers mention that video marketing is here to stay.

Who doesn’t like watching videos today?

Well, everyone and your grandma is watching videos.

I hear 6 out 10 Americans rather watch videos compare to television. In fact, I believe video will take over television in 5 years.

We’ll see though, but it’s moving closer to a video phase only society.

According to Google Trends, video marketing has been increasing by the years.

I know for me I’m super scarred of the camera, so I definitely need practice when it comes to talking in front of any audience.

It’s one thing to be talking in front of people and to be in front of a live camera. No one is physically watching you, so you feel like you’re talking to yourself.


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Video Marketing Stats: (green

  • Increases revenue by 49% compare to non-video users
  • 86% of marketers use video content
  • 7 out of 10 marketers use video for SEO
  • 52% of marketers mention it’s best for ROI
  • Video increases 200%-300% in email click through rates
  • Including a video on a landing page can increase click through rates by 80%
  • 70% of marketers mention video converts higher than any other medium



  2. Voice SEO Marketing

2020 digital marketing trends Wae Tech Solutions


One of the other best 2020 digital marketing trends is voice search marketing.

I think we are all familiar with Alexa, Siri and Google. And some people use voice for texting, searching and storing information.

According to, more than 66 million of Americans own a speaker and 50% of all searches by 2020 will be voice searches. That’s a staggering number come to think of it.

Voice search might not be popular now, but it will be next year in 2020.

For example, imagine telling Alexa, “Hey Alexa turn off the lights or play that funky music Alexa.”

Instantly, Alexa will do anything you tell her including: buy your favorite shoes or book two tickets for a movie.

I believe voice search will blow away regular search in Google real soon because when I watch a movie there’s always some AI robot operating just by your voice.

Also, did you know voice search is popular among purchasing household items?

Yes, it’s true.

In fact, ordering household goods is the first to be purchased followed by apparel, games and entertainment.

Guess what came in last?

Prepared meals and local services, such as dry cleaning came in dead last.

That’s surprising because I know ordering pizza or Chinese food is first on my list after a busy day at work.


3. SEO Growth

2020 digital trends, seo, free website analysis, wordpress seo, web design buffalo ny


SEO will continue to be a huge factor for 2020 digital marketing trends. The SEO 2020 trends will actually grow, especially among mobile.

In fact, some SEO stats claim that 220 million will be mobile phone users and 60% of all searches will be done on mobile phones in 2020.

And new data shows, 93% of all Google own traffic is by HTTPS sites.


HTTP vs HTTPS site What is the difference?


HTTP – means a site that is not secured and is vulnerable to hackers. Thus, making it easier for a hacker to break in and look at your data by your browser.

HTTPS – means it’s a secure site that has a green pad-lock in the url that’s harder for hackers to break in or intercept.



What about local SEO?


Researchers have found that users did a local search were about 46%. Therefore, if you’re a brick and mortar shop and someone does a search for words such as (“hardware store near me”) or (“web designer near me”) your place will be the first to show up in the search results.

This is huge for local businesses using local SEO and 2020 digital marketing trends.

Experts suggest using local SEO to increase your chances of gaining more business by optimizing Google My Business, a technique everyone should be taking advantage of.

Therefore, 72% of consumers who did a local search were likely to visit your business within 5 miles, which is tremendous for local businesses.

In fact, if you want to learn more about SEO I have resources here to help you.




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4. Hyper Targeted Content – 2020 digital marketing trends

2020 digital marketing trends content wae tech solutions

Content is still king.

The next 2020 digital marketing trends is using hyper targeted content. Even though companies still use ads to market their product to you, there’s many irrelevant ads just bombarding the consumer. This causes major headaches to people by having them avoid your product or service. As a result, many customers will end up hating your product if ads are flashing on the screen constantly, which leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Ouch!

Instead, don’t be an annoyance to your customer, but create awesome content that will educate your visitor and solve a problem that relieve their pain.

When people search for content, they usually have a problem and are looking for an answer for a quick fix.

If you continue to solve their marketing problems, such as obtaining more customers, increasing their website traffic or boosting their click-through-rate then users will think of you to buy from the next time.

Therefore, when you start to write your next blog, think of using hyper targeted content to draw in your target audience.



5. Google Ads

Google Ads 2020 digital marketing trends - Wae Tech Solutions


Are you still sitting on the fence? Deciding whether or not to invest in Google Ads is a no brainier.

Besides with the data below, it will change your mind in a heart beat.

Google Ads during 2018, 2019 and 2020 has seen a steady increase of revenue. This increase should tell you something. Google Ads is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your landing pages, and generate more leads and sales.

Google Ads will continue to rise in the future and beyond for the 2020 digital marketing trends. And even when a recession hits, it will continue to make money.


You will still convert these visitors by your landing page. Also, every $1 you spend will double or triple the amount. So matter what you will make a profit on it compare to other strategies.


In fact, here’s some 2019 stats: Google Stats

  • In 2019 Google revenue was over $116 billion
  • Google Ads Traffic convert 50% better than organic traffic
  • Average ROI is 200% spent on a Google Ads campaign
  • Google controls about 75% of search traffic going into 2020
  • 65% of ads have buyers intent keywords such as (buy, shop, purchase, get, free)
  • 70% of mobile e-commerce ads place calls through mobile ads



6. Branding will Always Stand Out

branding wae tech solutions



Another hot and trendy 2020 digital marketing trend is Branding.  Branding will always be on top.

But is it just a logo?


Branding The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products


According to Entrepreneur, branding strategy is a competitive edge above your competitors. And it means you’re making a promise. It’s what people will expect and what they will perceive from you.

For example, Nike has a swoosh symbol and it stands for athletics. And Starbucks is coffee.

Your logo is your foundation. Your website, packaging and marketing materials all should communicate your brand.

Your brand strategy is about how you communicate your messaging and what channels you use. It gets more sophisticated, but this is what basically is the idea of branding.


Why is branding important?


According to Branding mag, branding is very critical to a business because of the overall impact on the company. Your branding can change the view of how people perceive your brand by bringing in new business and more awareness.


Branding Creates Value

Branding creates value among the industry you’re currently in and builds leverage for future investment opportunities.

So if you want venture capitalist to invest in your company, build a sold brand.

Even doctors and dentists have a brand, so build a strong brand to get awareness.




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7. Personalization

personalization and 2020 digital marketing trends by Wae Tech Soluitons

Another 2020 digital marketing trend is going to be personalization. Being personal always has the intimate relationship with a customer. Our name has a lot to do with it.

Don’t you feel special when someone calls you by your first name?

It’s almost like a close relative or friend.

I believe 2020 is going to be about personalization, which some companies, such as Amazon is already crushing it.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, Christian Thompson CEO from Marwick Marketing noticed consumers tune out ads that aren’t relevant to them. In fact, 90% out of a 1000 people found that personalization was much appealing.

Also, personalized email that was segmented had a greater open rate and response compare to an email blast that was generic.

For example, when a doctor uses your first name, I feel that he or she cares much more about me rather than saying, “how are you today?” I also believe I’m heard and understood often when I’m explaining about my symptoms.


Why is Personalization Important?


According to, personalization is important for customer experience allowing the data designed by the marketers to hold the user’s attention span much longer and generate customer loyalty in the future.

Also, a personalized product shares a personal connection with the customer to materialize a relationship.

So try to form a personal bond with your customer by addressing them by their name when visiting, purchasing and emailing them to form a long lasting relationship.


Here’s some reasons for using personalization:

  • Generates improved customer experience
  • Increase revenue
  • Boosts customer loyalty



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